Friday, July 10, 2015

Five for Friday- July 10th

Happy Friday everyone.  I am linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching for her Five for Friday link up.

I hit Target the other night to pick up some Tazo Passion Iced Tea.  It's the main thing I drink other than water so I tend to stock up on it and rarely run out.  Of course I happened by the Dollar Spot and found way too many things I do not need for school that were too cute to pass up.  I know I have a problem.  

Target dollar spot is my kryptonite.

My oldest son Ben is part of a LAX tournament team for the summer.  It is comprised of 7 boys from our high school and several boys from another city.  Tues. nights they practice in the other city (a good 30 min away).  It was our turn to drive this week and Cooper chose to come along and hang out with me at Starbucks while Ben practiced, because my other son had a BB game.  I was able to get my blog post written about Getting Started with Math Workshop.  Cooper was good for the first hour, but then got bored.  I think he was actually exhausted from his 3 hour basketball camp that afternoon.

My little lovebug

My favorite middie.

Yesterday I had the best afternoon.  I met up with a dear friend of mine for lunch. We taught together our first five years of teaching.  I taught 6th grade and she was the 6th grade computer teacher.  We had so many great times.  Sadly her husband passed away of cancer last December.  It was so much fun reconnecting with her, she is definitely part of some of my very favorite teaching memories (from when we were just babies starting out).  Lunching with girlfriends is definitely good for my soul!

Happy to be off to meet my friend. Someday I'll figure out how to take a selfie better.

After lunch and picking up Cooper from another day of BB camp I headed over to my coworker/friend's house to drop off a meal for her and her husband.  She went on vacation to TX and broke her leg on Day 3 so she is now laid up for basically the rest of the summer.  I signed up to bring her dinner.  The menu was crispy chicken, cheesy potatoes, and chocolate chip cookie candy bars.  This is definitely a favorite meal for my family.  Needless to say the boys were very jealous that the food was not for them.  She just had to pop the potatoes and chicken in the oven and bake.  I got the pans from the dollar store so she didn't have to worry about doing dishes or returning anything to me.

A great prep ahead meal to take to someone.

I finally wrote a blog post about How to create a font using your own handwriting.  You can see below the font I created last night.  It's just basically my handwriting.

Another font I made.

Today is my birthday and I am feeling the love from family and friends.  I've had phone calls, texts, birthday cards in the mail, and lots of FB love. I love having a summer birthday which means I get to celebrate multiple times with my family and friends.  I went out to lunch with all my boys today and tried out a new to us restaurant that was amazing.  We had calamari and frites cones (french fries) for appetizers.  I got a really yummy salad.  When we were done eating Cooper informed our waitress that today is my birthday so she brought me a piece of very decadent flourless chocolate cake.

Asian chicken chopped salad

Birthday cake

I was cracking up when I looked up to see the vultures swarming boys digging in to my cake.  I was feeling very vulnerable with them basically eating the cake over my head.  The cake was delicious and gone in a flash.

Many hands make cake disappear quickly.

I hope you are all having a great Friday.  I am having the best birthday thanks to my wonderful family.  My husband and I are going out to one of my favorite fancy restaurants tonight.  I have a very busy weekend ahead.  Tomorrow Ben has another LAX tournament in IL and Drew has a BB tournament in my hometown.  Greg coaches Drew's team so Cooper and I will be cheering Ben on.  I'm super excited for my nephew's 2nd birthday party on Sunday.  I can't wait to see him and my niece.  Drew, Cooper, and I will be going to the party and Greg will take Ben to his LAX tournament.  I'm ending the day Sunday with a two hour massage.  Looking forward to a fun, family filled weekend.


  1. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you've had a fabulous day! The cake looks so yummy! So does the meal that you made for your friends - what a great thing for you to do - the chocolate chip cookie candy bars look amazing I may have to find a recipe for that!

    Teaching Autism

  2. Happy birthday!! The salad looks delicious. :)
    Read, Run, Teach

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Wow! What a great score at Target! That was super sweet of you to put together all that yumminess for your friend. So sorry she broke her leg. Have a great weekend.
    The Techie Playground 


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