Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Trials and Tribulations of my Magnetic Borders

Ok there is really no point to this blog post, except to share a maddening funny far too frequent occurrence in my classroom last year and to tell you that I may have found a resolution to this.

Here's the backstory: I have a bookcase back in my teacher corner that houses my Teacher Textbooks, Teacher Binders, and other important teacher materials I need within easy reach.  I laminated these zebra borders and then put magnets on them to make my bookcase look cuter and tie into my classroom decor.  

Well one day last fall I came into my classroom in the morning to find this:

And another day this:

And another day this:


And again:

Lather, rinse, repeat:

Day after stinking day:

It became a joke between Drew and me every.single.morning.  Wondering whether or not the borders would be intact.  Wondering why on earth the person who knocked it down never thought to PUT IT BACK UP where it belonged.  I want you to understand that I did not start documenting this with photos until maybe the 5th or 6th time it happened.  I also eventually gave up so this is just a small sample of what shall forever more be known as the magnetic border wars of 2014-2015.  There were no winners in this war, except all of you because I'm sure you have a similar funny story of how someone messed with something in your room.

My son Drew and witness to the daily border fiasco
In a very Seinfieldesque full circle moment of this blog post, the other day I was at the teacher store picking out some presents for my nephew's birthday.  While they were wrapping his gifts (best store ever). I was wandering aimlessly and behold what did I see?

Now can you believe that these borders come in my color scheme?  I mean it's fate right?  And I firmly believe these teacher supply companies stalk teacher blogs, take our great ideas (hello magnetic borders I've used for years), and manufacture them so we can buy them for seriously overpriced amounts.

Maybe you can't tell, but these are much thinner than my zebra borders that the custodian seemed hell bent on knocking down nearly every day.  I think I may have purchase some.  I cannot believe they have no zebra print!

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