Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Currently October

I can't believe I have not blogged since my post on the First Day of School.  Fall has become a very busy time for our family with the start of school, three boys playing football, two playing fall baseball, and a birthday Sept 9th and Oct 9th. We have also dealt with two sinus infections, an ear infection, and two well check-ups.  Lots of Dr visits lately!

My school year is off to the best start I could have hoped for.  I LOVE my students this year.  They are great kids who have adapted so well to our workshop model in math. They impress and make me love my job every single day. We have a new 7th grade math teacher who happens to be one of my best friends so teaching together is awesome and fun and her contributions have significantly lowered my work load this year.  We plan together constantly including the weekends, but planning with her is like planning with myself except I don't have to do all the work.  Does that make sense?  We are so in sync with our ideas and planning.

Every weekend I plan on blogging and then we spend most of Saturday at football games (last weekend we had three) or I am tired and need a little nap and then every Sunday has been fall baseball.  I am thrilled that fall BB is finally over and our Sundays are once again free.  Holla!  I love watching FB and have alternated between wearing my winter coat and then shorts and a tank top in the same week!  We call that fall in WI.  The weather has been gorgeous lately and fall is my favorite season so it has been heavenly enjoying the start of the season.

I am sharing my Halloween Pinterest board as a treat.  There are lots of cool/fun/yummy things pinned on that board so check it out if you want some inspiration.

Time to go get ready for school.  I completely missed Sept currently so hopefully this post will get me back on track with my blogging.  One can hope.