Friday, May 2, 2014

Currently May

I am linking up with Farley for her May Currently.

Listening:  The sound of silence.  I totally spaced that it was May 1st.  Earlier this week a student came up for me to sign a pass and I saw May 1st and told her she had it open to the wrong week.  Yikes!  Where has this school year gone.  I cannot keep up.  Only 6 weeks left.

Loving:  LAX season is in full swing.  Love watching my older two play.  Lots of very cold weather lately, but it has to warm up and stop raining eventually.  Right?!

Thinking:  My middle son Drew was at my school this week, visiting with his 6th grade class.  They spend a morning at the middle school doing a tour and some other activities.  It will be so nice having him ride with me in the mornings next year.  I will have someone to help me carry stuff!

Wanting:  I want teaching and school to be fun again.  There is this tension in the air these days that just is not healthy in my opinion.  Everyone still loves teaching and working with the kids at my school, but it's not FUN like it used to be.  Too much stress!

Needing: This one never changes and never seems to be accomplished.  Without a cleaning lady we are doomed.

Surprise:  Check out Mrs. Hester's Blog. Jessie shares so many awesome resources on her blog.  We follow each other on twitter and Jessie is full of inspiration and encouragement.