Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January 2013 Goals

I decided that my word of 2013 is commit.  I need to commit myself to make the changes in my life that I desire.  Sometimes I get so busy with teaching and the busy life of a mom of three that I feel like I am on autopilot.  I don't always feel like I devote the time to the things that are most important to me as I just try to keep up with the day to day tasks that keep the wheels of the machine turning.

2013 is going to be a year where I commit to focus on what's really important to me in both my personal and professional life.  At school I have felt so bogged down and under pressure with the new curriculum implementation that I feel like I am not having as much fun "teaching"this year.  I plan to change that.  I am feeling more comfortable with our curriculum, but the demands of the common core are really intense.  I need to get back to the "art" of teaching which is what I love the most about my job.  I also want to try and have more fun with my students despite the rigor and fast pace of trying to fulfill the demands of the common core.

Did you choose a word for 2013?  I would love to hear what it is and why you chose it.  Please feel free to leave a comment about your goals for January, or if you blogged about it, leave a link to your blog.  I would love to check it out.  I know my goals are not written as SMART goals, I figure I do enough of that at school.  Happy 2013 everyone!