Saturday, September 3, 2011

Classroom Photos-Part I

Well I have survived my first two days of school with students.  It has been completely exhausting, but fun.   Thursday morning the kids are with their first hour class (for me that is accel math) all morning going over rules and procedures.  I brought in donuts and juice boxes for the kids and of course it was so hectic I forgot to take photos.    IMO the morning is information overload!  After lunch we went through the full daily schedule with 23 minute classes.  Talk about a whirlwind of a day.  I did my number activity again, but this  year I did it outside and it worked great.

Friday was a normal B day schedule and I handed out textbooks and we got right into the swing of things.  Of course I had everything ready to go for my SMARTBoard when my MacBook crapped out on me.  I found out during my 3rd hour prep that there was a electrical short in my monitor.  Luckily a tech guy was in the building and I was able to switch out my laptop for a different one for the rest of the day.  I had a new computer to use by the end of the day.  Crisis solved after wasting my entire prep on it!

Enough about the first day and I am finally going to share photos of the classroom.  I am doing this in two parts because I have not yet taken any photos of my teacher area behind my desk.  That will be Part II coming soon.  Without further ado...

Storage cabinet

Power standards posters

CCSS posters

Assignment board and the "Chillzone"

Chillzone corner

Cabinets with buckets

Classroom door

Lost and found cart on day 2,  two items left behind (bottom shelf).  Luckily they are both labeled.

Front board/Word Wall

Learning stations corner/shelf.  Still under major construction.  :)

Lap desks

Book cart now that textbooks have been passed out.  This will store other learning station items.

I can never take a good photo of my window ledge, but I put all my teacher knick knacks on it.

My vertical files with my paper sorters.  You can see the colors at the bottom correspond to the colors I use for each section:  yellow, green, blue, pink, goldenrod, purple.

I just love all the artwork I get from my youngest!

I was given that bell as a goodbye gift when I interned in college in the fall of 1989!


A close up of the no sew banner I made to go with my color scheme.  I have another one with green ribbon behind my desk.
I hope you have enjoyed the classroom photos.  I will try and remember to take a photo of the whole classroom so you can see just how "cozy" we are with 29 desks in there!  Promise part two will show my desk, computer table, teacher bookshelf and wall shelves.  

Hope everyone is off to a great start for the new school year.  I miss my kids from last year because they were so awesome, and am hoping to have a great year with the new 7th graders.  So far so good!