Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Made It- July 13th

I'm linking up today with Tara over at 4th Grade Frolics to share some past projects I have made for my classroom.  Last week was very busy and my weekend was even busier so I did not have a chance to finish begin any new projects.  My goal is to blog every day in July so I thought it would be fun to highlight some past projects of mine and link to previous blog posts.  

I think a classroom door is equivalent to the first impression you give everyone of yourself as a teacher.  I want my door to not only look exciting and inviting, but also to be a mix of fun and educational.  My classroom door has evolved through the years, but I really love what you see below.  I was thrilled to not have to take down my door decoration at the end of the school year.  I'm praying nothing fell off over the summer.  We shall see.

Welcome to Room 407

Calvin and Hobbes have been my favorite since before I started teaching

A few years ago I decided to make a math focus wall for my classroom.  It has evolved a bit through the years and this coming year I am thinking of changing it up a bit.  You can click to see all posts on my Math Focus Wall.  This year I mainly focused on having the CCSS posters up so I could refer to them as we worked through different units in math.  I promise to do a post in Aug or Sept about how I change it this year.

Math Focus Wall

This blog post explains my Daily and Class Files.  These are two or my best organizational tips I have for any new teacher starting out.  The class files are great to have if you teach middle school and have multiple classes you teach throughout the day.  

Daily Files

Class Files

This is the corner of my room where I have my Learning Stations/Games bookcase.  The bottom two shelves are filled with math games, puzzles, cards, etc.  Students are allowed to use them during Homebase or if they have time in math class.  The top shelf has math manipulatives and the middle two shelves hold buckets I use for learning stations throughout the year.  I love the way this little corner turned out.

I decorated my teacher desk like you see below, but now I do not use my desk (it sits against the wall), but I loved the decor so I changed it to my file cabinet.  So much cuter than a plain black cabinet.  You can see this photo was taken in October.  I change out the decor on this for different holidays/seasons.

The side of my 4 drawer file cabinet

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my past projects that I use on a daily basis in my classroom.


  1. Love your daily and class files idea for organization! Thanks for sharing this excellent idea that I look forward to trying it this year!

  2. I love all of your organization tips and your organized bookshelf. I bought 6 of those boxes with the green handles to hold my math workstation materials this year!

  3. I've always been an elementary teacher but I admire you middle school teachers. I think the organization is so different with so many different classes!

    My Bright Blue House

    1. It definitely is. I taught 6th grade my first 7 yrs of teaching and the transition to middle school was rough the first year. With all the different classes and students I felt like I didn't know if I was coming or going sometimes.


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