Friday, July 31, 2015

Five for Friday- July 31st

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I missed last week's Five for Friday and we've been busy busy soaking up every moment of summer fun we can.  Our former next door neighbors moved to New York in December and they were in for a long weekend visit.  We had so much fun hanging out with them and miss them so much.  Our friends treated the neighbor boys to some jump time at Helium Trampoline Park.  The boys sweated up a storm jumping around and rock climbing.

Rock Climbing

Neighborhood Boys

Every night the big boys slept at one house and the little boys slept at a different house.  We had the big boys on Friday night and the little ones on Sunday.  This is such an awesome group of boys and I'm so glad my boys have the opportunity to grow up in such an amazing neighborhood with great kids and parents (and you can see there are an abundance of boys).  There are four houses right by each other that each have three boys!

Breakfast is served

One of the best things about summer is getting to have leisurely lunches (not 30 min long like during the school year) with girlfriends.  I met my friend Laura at Cafe Lulu recently and my friend Charla at The Horny Goat.  I have been making the most of the gorgeous summer weather (finally) and dining al fresco every chance I get.  I also love getting to have brunch with my husband and boys and went back to The Horny Goat.  Bay View has so many great restaurants and we are indulging this summer.

Cafe Lulu-Bloody Mary with light chaser

Cafe Lulu-Chips and Blue Cheese Dip

The Horny Goat-Strawberry arugula salad with salmon

Horny Goat-Bloody Mary and Triple X mimosa

Horny Goat-Cinnamon rolls

Horny-Goat-Crab cake benedict

We are quickly running out of time to hit all the restaurants we want for the Nackel Boy's Summer Lunch Tour 2015.  I let each of the boys pick two restaurants to have lunch at.  Of course they only picked one that is right near where we live.  It's been hard finding time to hit these restaurants with basketball, football, and lacrosse camps!  #3 was Mitchell's Fish Market in Brookfield.  The boys love their calamari and clam chowder, as well as, their fish and chips and shrimp.

Mitchell's Fish Market

Ben went to Badger State Lacrosse Camp last week.  We've heard nothing but great things about this camp so we signed him up this summer.  He also attended the shooting mini camp.  He roomed with his good friend Shaun and knew lots of friends and teammates from his summer tournament team.  He had an absolute blast.   It was such a fun and worthwhile experience for him, even though I missed him being gone that long.  I don't know what I will do in two years when he leaves for college.  It sort of felt like foreshadowing of that, when we dropped him off.  Didn't I just bring that my baby boy home from the hospital?!  I could not believe how teeny tiny the dorm rooms were.  I don't know how I ever survived living in a room this small for a year (although I think our dorm rooms at Eau Claire were a bit bigger and definitely had better storage!).

Saying Good-byes 

Dorm room for the week

Next week's recap will be all about our Door County vacation we are currently enjoying.  We left a few days ago and stopped at Starbucks to pick up some breakfast.  I seem to always being doing some sort of professional reading on my many road trips.  I recently got this book and LOVE it!  It is geared toward grades 6-8 which is really helpful.  I was not a math major in college (Eled/Spanish double major) so this book is a great resource for me. I started out with the chapter on proportional reasoning because we start the school year studying ratios and proportional relationships.  

Soy peppermint mocha and professional reading for the win

Hope you are all enjoying the lazy days of summer.  Before you know it we'll all be back in school!

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