Sunday, August 3, 2014

My first BTS Nightmare

Well it usually does not happen this early, but I had my first back to school dream/nightmare last night.  Frankly I'm shocked because I am coming off a super relaxing vacation, but I guess the calendar has turned to August and for me August is all about back to school.

In the dream it was the first day of school.  For some reason my students were in the classroom next door (not at all like our actual rooms), which just so happened to also be some type of fishing store.  Yeah I know it makes no sense whatsoever. While I was getting the day started people kept coming in to purchase fishing gear and as with most dreams, this did not seem to bother me one bit.  LOL

After some time I realized that I had not done my first day Post It Activity and was running out of time.  I went into the other room which was actually my classroom and was hunting for some post its.  At that moment I started freaking out because I realized I had not taken attendance and I never stopped down in the office that morning before school to get my class lists with student names.

I tried calling the office numerous times but of course my phone would not work.  I then was searching for my post its and could not find them, nor the posters for the post its.  At that time my principal came into the room with two visitors (no idea who they were).  They were helping me try and find my post it activity posters, but I was not having any success.  I then realized that all the kids in the room next door were students I had last year and I wondered why they were there considering they were now 8th graders and I wondered what happened to my new 7th graders.  That's where the dream ended.

Have you had any back to school dreams/nightmares yet?  Hopefully this will be the only one I have.  Mine usually consist of finding out on the first day that I am suddenly teaching Kindergarten at an elementary school.  If you are already back at school I hope your first days are going well.  If you are still on summer break I hope you are able to soak up lots of fun until school starts for you.


  1. I am so happy to find I'm not the only one who has BTS nightmares!

  2. Oh man! I dreamed last night that it was the first day of school, and I was in a different classroom than I had been told. I had forgotten to print my handouts, and I was having trouble setting up the projector. For some reason I couldn't remember the kids' names, even though I had most of them last year, and they were going crazy. I was rather relieved to wake up!

  3. Yes! I have BTS nightmares too! I dreamed that it was the beginning of 1st period, on the 1st day. But I had gone to the wrong room. Instead of teaching math I was supposed to teach a science lab with 45 students and all of them were boys. I finally found the classroom which took almost the whole 1st period, and the boys were going nuts! Then I woke up, thank goodness.

  4. My BTS nightmares have finally stopped! I thought I was the only one.

  5. I always have the one where I'm trying to teach, and not one student is paying any attention to me.....


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