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#mtboschallenge Week 1: My First Five Days Plan for the 2014-2015 School Year

This is Week 1 of the #mtboschallenge on twitter.  The challenge is to blog once a week for the remainder of 2014.  Each Saturday there will be a different prompt shared to blog about.  The prompt will be shared prior to Saturday on twitter using #mtboschallenge  You can link up on with the hosting blog (or any other that's shares the link up). Also link your blog post on twitter with #mtboschallenge .  You can copy the following graphic into your blog post.

This week's prompt is "My First Five Days Plan for the 2014-2015 School Year. Please don't feel that you have to post about all five days.  If you want to just post about your plan for Day 1 that's fine.  If you want to post about any plans for beginning the school year that is also fine.  This link up is about sharing your plans for starting the school year off successfully.  It's fun and helpful to see how other teachers start off the school year and that's the point of this prompt.  Be sure to add your link at the bottom of this post so everyone will see your blog post!

Week 1:  My First Five Days Plan for the 2014-2015 School Year.

This year I plan of following what I did last year.

First Day of School 2013 Blog Post
First Day of School 2012 Blog Post

Day 1- Students come to school and meet in their 1st hour classes for a two hour long orientation session.  After that we rotate through the full day bell schedule with shortened (30 min) classes.

Locker signs to help students find their lockers on the first day
I provide breakfast on the first day for students in case they are too nervous to eat before school
During my 30 min math classes the first day students introduce themselves and share what elementary school they went too.  Then we do the first day post it activity.  Students respond to four different prompts.  Each class uses different color post-its, that way I can tell on each poster which class hour the prompts came from.

These are the finished post-it posters.
Day 2-  Workshop Introduction- We have a google slide presentation we share with students that goes over the components of math workshop.  It starts with a video showing a teacher doing math workshop.  The video is OK, but the teacher has a very thick Irish accent and it's bit hard to understand him at times.  If anyone has a better video let me know.  We spend a lot of time discussing expectations and procedures during each part of math workshop from the opening to the end of class sharing/reflections.

Day 3- Carnival Bears- I will blog about this after we do the activity this year.

Day 4- The Marshmallow Challenge.

Day 5- Pass Out Textbooks and Begin First Carnegie Lesson.  This will actually be on our first Monday because we start school the Tuesday after Labor Day.

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  1. I am stealing a lot of your ideas again this year! Cannot wait to try math workshop again, we really do need to talk soon! Thanks for sharing and hosting our linky!!!

  2. I think I would like to try this challenge. Do we know the Saturday prompt's in advance? Do they need to be published on Saturday? I have lurking for about a year and have borrowed and stolen from you liberally as well as others from #MTBOS. I appreciate all that you share! Thank you.

    1. Hi Lynne
      The Saturday prompt will be tweeted out in advance prior to Saturday in case anyone wants to get their blog post ready before Saturday. You are welcome. Hope you join in the #mtboschallenge

  3. I love your blog! Do you have the link to the google slideshow about math workshop?


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