Friday, June 20, 2014

Five on Friday-June 20th

This has been my first full week of summer vacation and I have been relishing in the stress free life of not setting an alarm. We had an out of town weekend LAX tourney for my oldest last weekend so I felt like vacation finally started on Monday.  I've taken a little break from social media while I decompressed from the end of the school year craziness and stress.  I have so much more fun setting my room up for back to school than taking everything down and packing it away for summer.  My first week has been great mix of productive and relaxing.  I've read three books and enjoy watching episodes of Friends now that there's not much new to watch on TV.  I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for this week's Five on Friday.

My first hour kids.  Had the largest class size ever of 34 students, but they were awesome and we got three chapters further in the 8th grade curriculum than last year.  Woo Hoo!

Love this corner.  The table is where my small group mini lessons go down.

This was  what my teacher area looked like at the end of the year as I was ready to pack up.  See the piles everywhere?  Keeping it real for you.

Finally found letters I loved for my teacher desk.  I'll be ready for next year!

Last day of school Goodbye Graffiti Wall

If you look very closely on the right you may be able to see the Golden Rectangle my 8 yo made after he watched Donald Duck in Mathemagicland two times while I was busy packing up my room.

I came home after my last day of school spent packing up my room, to find this beautiful arrangement had been dropped off by one of my students.  It definitely made my day!
I promise to get back in the swing of things with blogging this summer.  This past school year was such a great year with so many successes, but to be honest it just kicked my butt.  I rarely had the energy to blog about the awesome things happening in my classroom.  I am hoping to spend more time this summer posting about what worked and what needs improvement with my Math Workshop, maybe do a few more posts about our curriculum Carnegie Learning, my summer PD which involves lots of professional reading, and lots more.  For those of you wanting to connect about Carnegie, Math Workshop, or anything else you see on the blog shoot me an email.  If it's something more involved than an email can cover I'd be more than happy to schedule a Google Hangout this summer.


  1. I teach 8th grade math intervention and would like to read more about your Math Workshop. Thanks, Cyndi

  2. I teach 6th grade math. I'm trying to get math workshop started. We just got the big ideas curriculum and it's pretty much planned my year but I really want to try math workshop. I would love some tips.

    1. Hi Bailey
      LMK if you ever want to do a Google Hangout and we can chat about workshop.


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