Monday, April 1, 2013

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It is finally Spring Break and I could not possibly be any happier about it.  Especially since we are now in The Villages in sunny and warm FL enjoying ourselves immensely.  Everyone around here uses golf carts as the primary mode of transportation.  My oldest is 14 so he is old enough to drive the golf cart.  He is loving it and my middle who is 11 thinks it is so very unfair that he does not get to drive around.

Listening: to the sweet sounds of chirping birds and the wind blowing.  It smells and feels like summer here and I could not possibly love it more!  I am just enjoying breathing the warm air.  That may sound strange, but it is the honest truth.  I feel I need to soak up all the sun and warmth to get me through until mid June!

Loving: that Spring break is finally here.  Third quarter went so fast.  Usually it seems to drag on forever, but maybe because we are implementing a new curriculum and I finally feel like I am getting a handle on things, I feel like I blinked my eyes and *poof* third quarter was done (it actually ends next Tuesday, two days after break is over).  I am completely loving chilling at the pool with the boys twice a day and not having a care in the world (at least for the rest of the week).

Thinking:  Of how much I am enjoying my vacation.  I have already read two books over the first three days and I have two more I brought along.  I brought a bunch of education related books, but for now I am enjoying my novels.

Wanting:  For this vacation to never end, but at least for traffic to be less sucky on the way home than it was on the way down.  It was Ok until south of Atlanta and then it was a slow moving parking lot for much of the way.

Needing:  Nothing but great memories of the time we are spending together as a family.  I will take less arguing from my boys every time we go to the pool. You know what they say, three's a crowd so there always seems to be one odd boy out.

Advice:  If you haven't already started a blog I say "Go For It"   I would tell you to blog regularly, but then I would risk being called a hypocrite because I cannot seem to keep up with blogging regularly myself.  I am still hanging in there and hoping to get caught up this summer.  Ha Ha!  We will see.

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  1. Hi Sherrie:
    Your vacation sounds positively blissful! I don't think people in the real world understand how much teachers NEED vacation. Most people like vacation, but teachers need vacation so that they can return, recharged, ready to try again.
    I love that you're reading and relaxing by the pool with the boys. THAT sounds like a vacation!
    Here's hoping the week passes by very SLOWLY...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. Your vacation sounds wonderful! I am in much need of some sunny weather. The school year has also flown by for me as well. I can't believe we are entering the fourth quarter already. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.
    Math Central

  3. Your vacation sounds so relaxing! I'm a week away from spring break and can't wait... Enjoy the rest of your vacation :)

    Fun in Room 4B


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