Sunday, April 21, 2013

Keeping track of classroom conduct with a class list

This post is about how I keep track of all the little things that go on in my classroom.  I felt I needed a way to really keep a handle on tardies, late assignments, absences, etc. Managing four different math classes of nearly 30 students each and keeping track of what happens throughout the hour is a daunting task.  I keep track of all the behavior/assignment completion type things that occur in class that are not part of a student's academic grade, but may be mentioned to parents via a report card comment or phone call.

I use a class list to keep track of essentially everything that goes on in my classroom.  I keep these "Class Conduct" lists in a binder (although during class the list sits out on top of my desk as I am constantly adding codes to it).  These lists help me to see behavior and homework completion trends in individual students, as well as, different class hours.

Binder with class lists and seating charts

Class lists and conduct code are stored in the left side pocket
This is the list of codes I use to keep track of everything.  I honestly just keep adding codes as I need them.  If there is something I want to keep track of I just add a new code.

My conduct codes
These are a couple of examples of what the lists look like at the end of the week.  I do not keep a paper gradebook anymore.  We use PowerSchool as our online grade book, but this helps me keep track of assignments that are late or missing due to absences.  I don't have time to enter grades during class so I will enter them during my prep or after school.  The list helps me know who is still missing assignments.
Class list example with codes (student names are listed in the left column (not shown)
Another class list example
At the end of the week each Friday, I file the Classroom Conduct lists in the file below.  The file goes into the Filetastic shown that is on to the side of my Teacher Material Bookcase near my teacher desk.  I have a different file where I have blank copies of class lists and I fill out the dates for the following week and have the new list ready to go in the binder for Monday morning (each class hour has a separate list).
File where I store previous weeks' lists
You can see the file midway down with lists from the entire year

I hope this helps all of you to see how easy and adaptable this system of monitoring behavior/work completion is.  The key is to have the list handy at all times to add to it as needed and to always store it somewhere where you can find the information at a moment's notice.  You can make up whatever coded make sense to you to help monitor whatever you decide is important.  Another thing I do to remind myself if I need to speak to any students about something is, I will attach a post-it note with the reminder to the class list.  Then the next day when I take it out (I always do attendance at the beginning of the hour) I pull off the post-it and give the student whatever message I have for him/her.


  1. This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing

  2. I wish I had read this at the beginning of the year! I can't wait to start making my codes and I'll definitely create a file to begin for next year. Your blog is delightful to read; I've learned a lot. Thanks!
    Sincerely, the "first year teacher"

  3. I like your behaviour conduct codes. I will definitely have to use something like it!

  4. This sounds like a great way to keep everything organized in one little area. Do you pull this out at conferences or is it just for your information?

    1. I use this information at conferences, for report card comments, and even for IEPs. I would only pull out the forms if there was a dispute or question about something. I might make a note for PT conferences that the student was tardy X number of times or had Xnumber of working lunches. It helps me to see trends of who frequently forgets supplies or has late assignments. It's really useful when doing report card comments.

    2. Is there a reason you do this on paper instead of on a tablet of some kind? This seems like the perfect use for an iPad or Nexus in the classroom.

      Just wondering. Great idea.

  5. A friend of mine showed me a similar system. The only difference was that she wrote this on her seating chart, so it was easy to locate students.

  6. I was sitting down to puzzle out a similar system when I found yours. It's just what I envisioned! Thank you so much!

  7. Very cool! Thank you!

  8. Hey does your school use PowerSchool? Your Classroom Conduct report looks very familiar! I do something similar, but I don't use such detailed codes, think I will try that next week! I keep my weekly reports on a clipboard.

    1. Hi Robin,
      We do use Power School. We are doing SBG this year and are finding some glitches with it that hopefully they are getting fixed.


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