Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of School Butterflies

I'm talking about myself, not the kids.  Although I am sure many of them do have butterflies.  I packed my lunch last night.  Starting off the year packing lot of veggies, as well as, hummus and spinach dip.  I also have my leftover pasta from lunch at Carraba's yesterday so I will definitely not go hungry today.

I bought blueberry mini muffins, powdered sugar donuts, and juice boxes for my 1st hour students who will be with me the first two hours for orientation.  I started doing this a few years ago and I think it's a nice welcome for the students, who are new to our building.

Hopefully I will not lose my voice from all the talking I seem to have to do for orientation.  And hopefully my feet will withstand me standing on them all day.

My plan for my shortened math classes (30 min) today is to

  • Play "I can relate".  My names is _____  and I went to  (previous school) and I can related because...
  • Do  a Post-It Note welcome activity like this.
  • Play either/or with math terms, like "geometry or algebra"  "fractions or decimal" "protractor or ruler"  I seriously thought this up between waking up and setting my snooze button this morning.  I thought it was a brilliant idea to do it with math terms which might give us some interesting conversation.
Today there will be no seating charts.  I will try my best to personally say hello and welcome every student into my classroom.  No homework or information sheets will be filled out.  My two main goals for the day are to have everyone see 1)  my classroom as a fun and safe place to learn 2) me as a kind and caring teacher who will take them on an amazing educational journey this year.  I will sneak in a reminder about supplies that are needed, but that is it!

As the saying goes, "you only have one chance to make a first impression" and I want to make a great one!

Happy Back to School everyone!  Can't wait to fill you in on how my first day goes and finally share photos of my finished classroom (if I can get some space on my phone)


  1. I love that you have lunch for your first period class! What a great welcome to the new year - mine has already started, but I may have to try that next year!



  2. Can you describe the either/or activity?

    1. You just ask whatever questions you want and they have to choose either of the two choices you give. Like chocolate or vanilla? Computer or teacher? Pencil or Pen? You can make the choices whatever you like.

  3. Sorry I know this is an old post but I just found it. I get to have my very first first day of school as a teacher in a few weeks and love this idea! Question on the I can relate game? I don't get it. Are they relating to the person before them or what? How does it work?

  4. August 5th post has an explanation of the game. I am thinking the teacher would be the one to go first with a statement (s) and then anyone can jump in to relate. After a student related he or she sits down. Also just like Sherrie said, you can say the same statement once.


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