Monday, September 10, 2012

Daily and Class Files

Good Monday morning.  I did not have a time to post again this weekend because my weekend was crazy busy, with  a blissful massage Saturday morning followed by a quick trip to Barnes & Noble and my favorite bakery to pick up my son's bday cake.  Two youth football games on Saturday, one at 2:30 PM and the other at 7 PM.  I am happy to say both were victories.  It rained through the entire 7th grade game.  Boo!

Sunday we were supposed to have two fall ball games at 8 and 10 AM, but they were cancelled due to the previous two night's rain.  That proved to be quite a blessing because my husband was around to help with getting the house ready for Cooper's 7th birthday party.  We started the day a quick run to the grocery store and then Dunkin Donuts for the birthday breakfast.  I spent the rest of the morning making food for his family birthday party which started at 1 PM.

The party was great.  He loved hanging out with his brothers and cousins.  The five of them get along so well and have such a great time when they are together.  We also watched the craptastic Packer game.  The party ended around 3:30, as my nephew had a fall BB game to get to, but my parents stayed for dinner.  My mom and I ran to JoAnn's and I got some Crayola poster markers I'm excited to try out.  I seem to have an obsession with buying markers lately.

Now for my Made for Math Monday.  I have two file sorters that I place back to back on my desk.  One sorts any handouts for absent students.  Students know to check these files anytime they are absent to see if they missed any important information.  This year I jazzed up my folders a bit to fit with my zebra theme.  They turned out OK, not my fave, but they will do for now.  I have assigned each class a color so when I make a list, or seating chart I use that color to keep things coordinated and so I can easily tell what class I am looking at.  So far I am loving the color coded classes.

My new class hour files with a little zebra.

This is where papers get filed for any absent students.

I have previously posted about my Daily Files and you may have previously seen them posted at Pinterest.  I just wanted to add them to this MFMM post to keep them in one place.

Day files for any handouts or lesson plan materials.

The digital kit is Pi Are Squared by Libby Pritchett.
Check out lots of other great M4MM, hashtag #made4math on Twitter.


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