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Guided Math Book Study- Chapter 6

I am a couple chapters behind on the Guided Math Book Study.  I will blame it on my birthday and baseball games.  My birthday was Tuesday and I had a wonderful day with my boys, husband, and parents.  Tonight my husband is taking me out to dinner at my very favorite restaurant Bacchus for an adults only celebration!  I will hopefully get myself caught up on the book study posts and then share some other teaching/math related posts I have been working on.  Welcome to all my new followers and please introduce yourself and let me know if you have a blog I would love to check it out!


Supporting Guided Math with Math Workshop

Math Workshop Components

  • Review of Previously Mastered Concepts
  • Math Fact Automaticity
  • Math Games
  • Problem-Solving Practice
  • Investigations
  • Math Journals
  • Computer Use
  • Math Related to other Subject Areas

This chapter was all about how to support Guided Math with Math Workshop. I will be using Carnegie Math this coming year and it has its own online math component. I will use Math Workshop, but it might be different because of the online component to our curriculum. Here are some ideas of how I plan on implementing the Math Workshop Components in my classroom.

Review Previously Mastered Concepts
  • Daily warm-ups
  • Skill/concept review check-ups
  • Math Focus Wall

Math Fact Automaticity
  • Flash cards (Study Stack for personal devices)
  • Games
  • Computer activities
  • Mental Math exercises
  • Guess the number

Math Games
  • 24
  • Product Game
  • Bowling for numbers
  • Quirkle
  • Blokus
  • Think Fun games

Problem-Solving Practice
  • Problem of the Day
  • Problem of the Week
  • Ed Zaccaro problem solving books

Math Journals
  • Responses to teacher prompts
  • Math Definitions
  • Problem-Solving strategies
  • Mini anchor charts

Managing Math Workshop
Principles on which a learning community is based:

  • All members are trusted with rights and responsibilities
  • All members take responsibility for their own learning and for helping others learn
  • All members take responsibility for managing their time and activities productively
  • All members learn self-management as part of the curriculum delivered by teachers
  • All members understand that keeping materials in order helps everyone learn

Review and Reflect
  1. What are some of the ways you can organize your classroom to support Math Workshop? I will have a dedicate area for small group mini lessons. I will also have a designated space for all learning materials students need access to. I will spend time at the beginning of the year setting the expectations for Math Workshop
  2. How can implementing Math Workshop promote the learning goals you have for your class? Math workshop will meet the needs of individual learners. Students who need pre or reteaching of a concept or skill will have the opportunity to work with a small group of students who have the same need. Higher level students will have the opportunity to be challenged at an appropriate level.

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