Monday, July 16, 2012

Birthday Week Recap

This post has absolutely nothing to do with teaching, so if you are first time visitor of my blog please feel free to scroll down to other education related posts.  If you enjoy reading about fabulous birthday celebrations then read on!

Last Tuesday was my birthday I did this post about what my 45 self would say to my 20-something self.  I am a very lucky girl and was spoiled with several celebrations.  Monday night two of my sweet girlfriends and I met at PF Chang's to celebrate all three of our birthdays.  Kelly's was in May and Lu and I both have July birthdays.  It was quite a challenge for us to find a time all three of us could get together.  So much for having summer off.  These girls know where I love to shop!  I just had to show you the beautiful wrap job that Lu's daughter did.
Love my girlies!

My birthday was Tuesday Ben had a basketball camp until noon, Drew and my husband had All-Star scrimmage (Greg is the manager) and Cooper had a t-ball game that night at 7 PM so I wasn't even sure how we would have time to celebrate, but celebrate we did!  Greg and the boys took me to lunch at the Chancery and then my parents came down and spent the afternoon with me and took Ben, Cooper, and I out to Carraba's for dinner before Cooper's game.  Unfortunately Greg and Drew did not have time to go to dinner with us.  

Beautiful flowers from my boys.
My husband also knows that I love to shop.  
My parents got me two tops and a gift card to one of my favorite malls.  Everyone knows where I love to shop.  :)
Be still my heart.  

Cooper made this all on his own as you can tell.  :)
Friday night Greg and I went out to my favorite restaurant Bacchus for a romantic adults only birthday dinner.  The food and atmosphere was amazing as always.  We shared a fabulous escargot appetizer they made in honor of Bastille Days that was going on downtown last weekend.  We each got the spinach salad that I love so much and I got the filet and Greg got a veal chop that was delicious.  The food at Bacchus is just unbelievable.  I just took a few photos of the wine and desserts.  If any of you live anywhere close to Milwaukee I highly recommend that you check out Bacchus.  You will not be disappointed, I promise. We only got a couple texts from Ben during dinner.
Nothing like some pinot grigio to start things off right!

Almost too pretty to eat!

My birthday ice cream sampler.
That pretty much sums up my birthday celebration that always seems to stretch out for several days.  I am so blessed with great friends and family!  I count my tremendous blessings every single day. :)


  1. How awesome! It looks like your birthday was fantastic! Happy belated birthday to you!


    Setting Sail in 7th Grade

  2. Hmm, I will be 45 this month and have 3 girls! Math is my favorite subject but oddly ended up with grade 3 after teaching everything between K-10. A letter to my 20 yr old self would be soooo long. Nothing went the way I planned except for not getting divorced. I would be afraid to tell my younger self about teaching and being pulled in so many ways as compared to how teaching was back then. I think it might scare myself out of a teaching career! I stopped celebrating my bday long ago, you sorta make me wish I didn't! Happy belated birthday!

  3. Hey there!

    I hope you can join me in my "Preparing for School" linky party @ {6th Grade} All-Stars

    Mrs. Crouse :)


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