Friday, June 22, 2012

What I am Loving Friday

I feel that it has been a pretty intense summer for me so far, with a week of math training after school ended and then trying to get caught up on the first three Chapters of the Guided Math book study.  I decided to do a fun post today on what is making me happy lately.

  • Making my own Passion Iced Tea Lemonade.  Now I don't have to go to Starbucks and it is much less expensive to make at home.
  • Going to the swimming pool with the boys.
  • No alarm!  That is definitely my favorite.  We do have places to be every day, but not so early that I have to set an alarm.
  • We booked The Newport Resort for our vacation this summer.  I cannot wait!  It is my happiest place in the whole wide world, or at least WI.  We are spending a week there and then finishing up at The Tundra Lodge where the guys are hoping to watch the Packers either practice or scrimmage.  The boys are so excited about our summer vacation.  We did the same thing last year (although went to GB first) and had an awesome time.
  • Having the time to do some planning for school without the pressure of being in school and having no time to do it.
  • Getting to go out to for a leisurely lunch instead of scarfing down my lunch in 30 minutes.
  • No dress code!  It's great to wear whatever you want and getting to lounge around in jammies as long as you want.  And no someone did not come to the door the other day to drop something off at 12:30 PM and I was still in jammies so I made one of the boys answer the door.  That definitely did not happen.
  • Drew was a unanimous vote for the 10 yo All-Stars which means every single coach voted for him (well except my husband who is managing the All-Stars this year, because you can only nominate your own players, you can't vote for them.  He also manages Drew's LL team and his select team.  Talk about the quality time those two spend together around baseball!)  This will of course extend our baseball season, but All-Stars is such a great experience for the kids it's definitely worth it.
  • Watching all the neighborhood boys play together whether it's baseball, catching frogs in the pond, or squirt gun wars.  They spend all day outside being kids, just like the good ole days.
  • The fact that nothing good is on TV over the summer (well except for my reality faves) and I am forced to watch reruns of Friends and Will and Grace, two shows that I love.
  • That I have time to read a book for leisure.  Now that I finished the 50 shades trilogy, I want to read the two other books in The Girls With the Dragon Tattoo series.  I don't spend all my team reading just math related books, although it seems that way sometime.
  • Having the time to keep up with my Google Reader.  I actually have had it down to zero these past few days, instead of my standard 1000+
  • Having the time to blog regularly!
What are you loving this Friday?  I would love to hear about it.  

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  1. It sounds like you've been having a wonderful summer so far. : ) My kids just got out of school for the summer on Friday so it's only just begun here. We have a pool which works out great. There have been a few very hot days already so it seems like the whole neighborhood has been in the pool!! As long as they bring their own towels it's all good with me!! : ) Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!!

    ~ Wendy


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