Saturday, June 9, 2012

Welcoming Students to a New School

Our middle school is only grades 7-8 due strictly to space issues (otherwise we would most likely have 6th graders at the middle school).  Because the 7th graders are brand new to middle school we want to make sure that they feel comfortable and welcome at their new school.  One of the things I do to ease anxiety is provide breakfast for students on their very first day.  I let them and their parents know this at open house.  Some students are too nervous to eat breakfast the morning of the first day so I let them know I have breakfast covered.

I usually bring in donuts or granola bars and juice for the kids.  They love it and it sets the tone for the year of an inviting classroom.  I also make locker signs so when students show up that first day they can look for their sign (which helps them find their lockers).

These are the welcome signs I copied for my incoming 7th graders this fall.

The font is Cupid de Locke.

I should add that I do not do this for all 115 students of mine.  I just do this for my first hour class, which is the class that comes to me right away the first day of school for orientation.  What special things do you do to welcome your students the first day?


  1. Our first hour is homeroom so I like to do things just for them. We celebrate birthdays, and decorate bulletin boards, and other fun things that are just for them.

    I really like the breakfast idea. Last year was my first teaching 7th (we have just 7th and 8th too) so I did not do anything special the first day. You have me thinking though, for this year. Thanks!

  2. Sherrie -

    I think that's such a great gesture to your students to offer them something to eat! I wish we had a homeroom or something that could identify a group of kids as "ours" - our kids are kinda all over the place.

    Life in Middle School

    1. Thanks Lauren,
      We have our 1st hour class for an extended period of orientation just for the first day of school. You could just do it for whichever students you have to start the day.

  3. I get alot of new students throughout the year too. This year I am going to do a better job of getting those kidos oriented to their new school. Since we lost sports due to budget cuts this will be a leadership job for a 'veteran' student


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