Saturday, January 21, 2012

Teacher Workday

Yesterday was an extra paid workday for me.  We get paid our per diem rate and get the entire eight hour day to do whatever we need in our classrooms.  It is one of my favorite days of the years where I set unrealistically high expectations of what I can possible accomplish in a finite amount of time.  I actually was at school 7:30 AM- 6:30 PM, so it was an eleven hour workday with an hour off for lunch and quick Target run.

I was supposed to be taking a grad class on coteaching with the special ed teacher who is in my classroom during 5th hour everyday.  The class is for three weekends Friday 4:30-8:30 and Saturday 8:30-4:30.  Unfortunately one of the instructors, who happens to be a friend of mine had a family emergency so class was cancelled for this weekend.  I was bummed because it's a cold/snowy weekend in WI, one you wouldn't mind being cooped up in class.  Honestly though, I am not complaining because now I have all day today (other than my son's BB game and our staff party tonight).  To do whatever I please.  I also did not have to rush out of my classroom yesterday afternoon to get to class and was able to get 2.5 more hours of work done.

The first thing I did upon arriving to my classroom was clear everything off my desk and computer table to get both of those organized.  I have several little piles of paper that need to be organized, but of course that is always the last thing to get done.  I took a short break for Friday treats in the lounge which was my breakfast.  I was bound a determined to not get caught up chatting with others  (like I had done during my prep and after school time the day before, thus not finishing my grades and comments as planned).  People kept coming into my room and chatting with me, what's a girl to do?

I worked on organizing everything on the computer table and my desk.  That takes longer than you would think.  I also finished entering homework grades for this past week.  I vow to do a better job of entering grades EVERY SINGLE DAY like I used to!  I spent a few minutes chatting with my teacher bff Linda and then my dear sweet former work husband Rob who retired last year, called to chat for a bit.  He is coming to our staff party tonight (never ever came when he was teaching) and I cannot wait to see him!  I miss so many things about him.

I ended up spending lots of time on middle school math liaison tasks (something I had not planned).  I had to rewrite the course descriptions for our math classes to reflect the changes due to the CCSS.  I also had to make chat with our K-12 coordinator, but we made that quick as we were both swamped.  If you follow my blog you already know that we are in a K-12 math review this year which means lots of extra work and meetings for me, because I am the middle school math liaison.  I love being the liaison, it just adds a lot to my plate.

I did meet my husband for lunch at a local restaurant that has the best salmon caesar salad.  Yum!   I had to stop at Target on my way back to school to pick up some GCs for Target and Starbucks for the staff party (so lucky to have Starbucks in our Target).  I treated myself to a peppermint soy mocha, my drink of choice.  They still had to red cups (only talls left) which made me happy.  I know it's silly, but I love the red cups so much more than the plain white ones!  Greg and I met up for lunch because I thought I would be in class until 8:30 and we would not have dinner together.   My parents are watching the boys this weekend because of the workday, our staff party tonight, and because I was supposed to be in class all day today and Cooper and Drew have BB games at the same time.

When I returned to school I continued organizing as much paperwork as I could, finished up grades and started comments.  I got through A, A-, and B+.  I still need to do the Bs and Cs.  We had a brief team meeting at 1:30 with the principal and VP regarding some student issues.  I then spent some time lesson planning for next week, as well, as revising a quiz I am giving my regular kids on Monday. The special ed teacher and I spent forever trying to make a new seating chart for our 5th hour class (have I ever mentioned how challenging it is to make a seating chart for that class?!)  I still need to make seating charts for my other three classes. I swear making seating charts is one of my LEAST favorite teacher tasks ever!

I found out early afternoon that my class was cancelled which meant I did not have to rush out of school before being able to make copies I needed.  I made all the copies I need just for Mon and Tues.  I also spent some time printing out some math lessons I had found via Pinterest.  I made my To Do List for Monday and this weekend (things I thought I would get to yesterday, but didn't).  I also completely organized my two paper sorters.

Sounds like a busy jam packed day right?  Well the sad thing is that I have piles of papers taking up a group of five desktops.  I did not get too far on going through the papers that pile up.  I did contain them to one table and I will have time before school Mon to figure out where to put everything.

I did not even touch the disaster that is my teacher bookshelf and the floor space and shelves behind my teacher desk.  My goal to to tackle one of those areas each day next week.  I am giving a quiz in every math class Monday so hopefully I will get the teacher bookshelf organized then.  I have never posted pictures of that area and was so hopeful to get that all organized yesterday and show you all what it looks like.

I am excited to start Monday fresh.  I love the beginning of a new quarter because it means I start fresh with grading and paperwork.  I also hope to have more time to blog regularly.  I have all sorts of ideas for posts to share, I just need to spend the time on them.  Also look for some upcoming info on my Learning Stations that are finally starting the quarter!


  1. I am so jealous of your teacher work day :) It sounds like you were super productive though! I agree that making seating charts are THE WORST! I have to do that this weekend and I am dreading it!!
    To The Square Inch

  2. I love teacher work days! It sounds like you got a lot accomplished. I always say that I could be at school for 72 straight hours and still not get everything done. Here's to your stress-free prepared Monday! :-)

  3. I could so use a teacher work day right about now. Or a snow day would work too! LOL! :-) Enjoy your jumpstart for a new quarter.


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