Monday, January 30, 2012


I really want to open a store at TPT or Teacher's Notebook.  I understand the process of opening the store.  I am just wondering what the benefits are for choosing one over the other.  I know some people sell at both, but I would probably just start off selling on one.

I also need someone to steer me to some sort of tutorial where I can see how people make all these cool and fun, but educational activities with amazing graphics.  I am a fast learner, I just don't know how people put it all together with all the graphics they use.  Anyone have any tips or advice?  Pretty please!  Help a newbie out.


  1. Sherrie,

    I personally like TN better because I get more of the profit. TN has a $19.95 one time buy in for all profit minus Paypal fees.

    TPT lets you sell items for free, but you only get 50% of the profit. If you upgrade to their yearly buy in of $59.95 you get closer to 80% of the profits.

    TPT has a wider buying base but TN is quickly growing popularity because you get points for buying things. Those points can be redeemed to get a giftcard.

    If you are testing the waters with your resources you can try the free offer from TPT, but beware they will take 1/2 your profit. I think it is worth it to pay for a TN shop.

    If you are doing well it might be worth opening both. It gives you double the exposure and increases your chances of profit.

    If you do decide to sell on TPT get a link from someone. (That means the referring teacher gets 5% of whatever you make the first two years. The 5% is taken from the the 50% or 20% TpT takes.) You get a friend who is invested in your success. They are usually happy to showcase your work, teach you the tricks, and encourage you. I would love to showcase your shop if you decide to use my link. :)

    Does that answer your questions? Feel free to ask more. I am still getting started myself, but I love to help out a friend in need.

    Good luck!
    Life with Mrs. L

  2. Sherrie,
    Here are two simple tutorials on creating products. I hope they help. Let me know if you have more questions.

    Tutorial 1

    Tutorial 2

    Life with Mrs. L

  3. Hi Sherrie,

    I purchased the clip art from KPM Doodles (Etsy) or Scrappin' Doodles. Backgrounds from Dreamlike Magic and Lilly Bimble. Just be careful to read the terms of use. Not everyone allows for profit products to be created. If you look around at the products created, the author must credit who they use. That is one of the ways I found different products to use.

    I work on an apple, so I put everything I create in Pages, but export it as a PDF file. This will prevent people from taking your products and calling them their own. It is also a requirement for most graphics you use.

    In the couple weeks on, I've made back about 1/2 of the upgrade price. Initially I priced a 25 page item at $4.00, but found that since I'm new maybe $2 was more realistic. Let me know if you have more questions. I'm still pretty new myself, but will do what I can to help.

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