Monday, August 1, 2011

My Target Finds from last week Part 2

Last week I did two trips to Target.  There have been so many lately I am losing count.  I get voucher money for being a math liaison this year so I am planning on saving my receipts this summer from my various shopping trip for reimbursement (for those of you wondering when my shopping madness will end).  It has been a few years since I did a major restructuring of things in my classroom and I feel this year is time for some change.  I am still diligently working on my math learning stations idea and am reading, reading, reading (check my Shelfari and you will see I am not messing around with all the professional reading I am doing this summer).

The latest Target haul

Colorful crates

Now where can I find a pink one?

I DO NOT recommend getting those food storage containers on top of the storage boxes.  I went to put some dice in one and it was difficult to get the top on.  When I tried to open it, the top cracked.  They would be trashed in two seconds with my middle school crew.

Come to mama!

Some magnetic letters to go with my numbers.  I could not resist the pink and green paper clip tabs and the pink goody bags.
Can't wait to get into my classroom and get everything organized!

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