Saturday, January 2, 2016

Currently January

I cannot believe 2016 is here already.  2015 seems to have flown by with the blink of an eye.   I'm linking up with Farley for her January Currently.

Listening:  Right now all three boys are still sleeping and my husband is making breakfast.  I am very lucky to have a husband who is also enjoys cooking. I smell eggs, polish sausage, and hash browns  Yesterday he made individual beef wellingtons for dinner.  We always invite my parents to a fancy dinner every January 1st to ring in the new year with them.

Loving:  This has been a wonderful break.  It's been filled with family, fun, and lots of relaxation.  We celebrated with my family Christmas Eve and I have to say, having my 5 yo niece and 2 yo nephew just makes family gatherings so much more fun!  Other than them, my son Cooper is the youngest and he is 10.  So much fun to see Christmas through the eyes of little ones.  Thanks to Direct TV's Binge-a-thon I watched "The Knick" and "Flesh and Bone".  Loved them both.

Thinking:  I really want to refocus my time & energy on what is really important.  This from both a personal and professional perspective.  Sometimes in education we are forced to spend too much time on meaningless tasks that don't end up benefitting students. I want to be more purposeful on how I spend my time.  It's too precious to waste.

Wanting:  Can I just hit the pause button?  Or even rewind?  My oldest is turning 17 one month from today and sometimes I have trouble grasping where his childhood went.  He is driving, has a job,  and even has his own truck thanks to my dad. My middle son is in 8th grade. Even though he goes to the school I teach at, he rides the bus this year so he can be with his friends.  Because I teach 7th grade I never see him at school.  Due to the different bell schedules for 7th & 8th grade it's as if we have two separate schools where I teach.  The thought of him going to high school next year blows my mind.   Don't even get me started on my baby who is now 10 and in 4th grade.  I feel 4th grade is the shift from little boy to big boy and it saddens me greatly that he no longer wants to read our favorite picture books together and watch episodes of "Little Bear".  The boys have spent much of their break hanging out with their friends which has provided me lots of time to read and relax.  

Needing:  I usually spend some time on NYE reflecting and thinking about my goals for the coming year.  This year I did do that.  I'm going to spend some time this weekend thinking about how to achieve the goals that important to me without sacrificing family time.  I feel as educators we often sacrifice our own family time for the benefit of our students.  I have really tried the last couple of years to get a better balance between school and home life.  I feel it's so important to continue this as my boys are getting older.  I want to cherish the time I have with them all still living under the same roof.  Exercise and Whole 30 are going to be coming back in 2016.

One Little Word:  Declutter  I know it's not a profound word, but I really want to declutter my home, my classroom storage, and my schedule.  After this Christmas I have made the conclusion that we have way too much stuff and I want to start getting rid of the stuff that does not in fact bring me joy and satisfaction.


  1. Declutter! It is a HUGE word!! I wish you the best with that! My life would simplify I would declutter!

  2. Thank you for sharing, Sherrie. I can relate to the sadness of watching your kids grow up so quickly. My kids are somewhere between yours - I have sophomore twins. And, you're right, it's hard to let go of those tender younger days. And as a 4th grade teacher myself, you are also right about it being a transitional age for your son.

    Best of luck in achieving all of your personal and professional goals in 2016!

    Math is Fundamental

  3. I'm struggling with my #oneword for 2016. Balance was my #oneword for 2014 and I never really found it so I always keep it. Inspire was my #oneword for 2015, and I want to keep it too, but when you said that you wanted to be more, "purposeful" with your time, well that hit home!


  4. Declutter is a huge word! As is maintain! I started the decluttering process, now I just need to finish and follow through. oy!

    Junior High Core Values

  5. Happy 2016!

    I wish we had a pause button to. Like with your boys, I can't believe my babies are turning 7. As for Declutter, that's one word I really need to used this year.

    How I Spend My Dash

  6. I know I'm a little late on the commenting, but I loved your post! While they seem like simple goals to meet, sometimes they are the hardest. It is hard to make new goals for yourself every year,but I really like your word of "declutter." That is an important word to remember because an organized space makes for more creativity and learning experiences.


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