Friday, October 2, 2015

Currently October 2015

I am linking up with Farley for her October currently.  I'm shocked/not shocked that I haven't blogged since August.  It's pretty typical for me to get caught up in back to school and put my blog on the back burner.

Listening:  My husband woke up and turned on Sports Center.  It's on way too much in this house where I live with 4 guys!

Loving:  I love everything about October, the leaves changing colors, the crisp cold fall air, everything pumpkin related, fall candle scents, I could go on and on!

Thinking:  We have passed the one mark month at school.  Things are going great.  I have wonderful students, but this is a large class.  Last year I had 21 students in Honors math and this year I have 33.  Things are very crowded in my small classroom.  Students are doing awesome with math workshop and we've already had our first summative assessment with great results.  I'm using Google Classroom with all my classes and I completely love it.  So many great things going on at school I need to start blogging about it!

Wanting:  I want to spend more time relaxing and recharging this weekend.  Last weekend was crazy and I think I was only home for about 2 hours until Sunday night at nearly 8 PM.  I went to 3 fall BB games and a LAX game.  With 3 boys playing 3 different sports on 5 different teams this fall my weekends are CRAZY. Basketball will be starting soon for my youngest. Yes, sometimes I do feel like I might lose my mind.  I do love watching football and LAX, but I could most definitely do without the fall BB!

Needing:  I feel like I'm exhausted every single night after school.  I try to leave on time (3:30) but I rarely get out of there before 4:30-5:30.  Thankfully my husband has been cooking dinner or we just might starve.  Many nights I fall asleep while watching TV.  I need to start working out so I have more energy.  Also need to do some menu planning on the weekend.  This week was tough because last weekend was just too busy and I didn't get all my household stuff done.  This Monday I have to afternoon off because I have to take my younger two for their yearly check ups so I should feel less stressed next week.

Boo-tiful:  Fall colors are my favorite.  The leaves have started turning!


  1. I, too love everything Octoberish! Candles...decorations...clothes...
    We have had some teachers start using Google Classroom...they love it also! Have a great day.
    The Techie Playground

  2. I am interested to learn more about Google Classroom, but it seems like I always try to take on too many new things all at once. My Interactive Math Notebooks are going great and I am able to use last year's notebook as a great reference. I am also using Andrew Stadel's Estimation 180 for warm-ups. Wow, 33 students is a BIG class. I feel like we are wall-to-wall with classes of 25 and 26 this year. Best of luck as we all try to get our heads above water :-)


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