Monday, November 24, 2014

Anchors Away Monday (11-24-14) Absolute Value

This is my first time linking up with Deb at Crafting Connections for her Anchors Away Monday.

Last week I started a new chapter on Addition and Subtraction with Rational Numbers.  The first lesson we did was using a number line to model addition of integers.  My students did not remember absolute value from 6th grade at all so I ended up making this anchor chart for students to refer to.  They need to understand absolute value as they create a rule for addition of integers.  Not too shabby for my first anchor chart.  Hopefully I will have many more to share with you this year.

Absolute Value Anchor Chart


  1. Thanks. I started making similar charts this year for my low 7th grade math class when it dawned on me that their own notes were not helping them. I didn't know until today they had a name. Thanks!

  2. I am so impressed that this is your first ever anchor chart!! It looks great! I actually wish a math teacher would have made an anchor chart like this when I was in 7th grade, because it makes total sense to me! :) Thank you for linking up!

  3. Just wanted to point out that absolute value isn't "always positive," because the absolute value of zero is zero. "Never negative" might be better.


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