Thursday, October 2, 2014

Currently October

I'm linking up with Farley today for her October currently.  Make sure you check out her link up, you will find posts from hundreds of teachers.  Reading everyone's Currently posts is always a fun way to start out a new month.

Listening:  I'm usually the first one awake every morning so I always have some quiet time to start my day.  I usually check through social media at this time, but want to start using that time more productively as a prayer/devotion time to start my day. Once my husband wakes up and comes downstairs he will turn on the TV and watch the local morning news.

Loving:  Everything about fall.  It is my favorite season.  I love spending my Thursday nights and Saturdays watching my three boys play football.  I love that it's finally getting chilly enough to feel like having a Pumpkin Spice Latte or Peppermint Mocha (soy no whip) at 9 AM when my little plays.  The weekends are the best.  I love lighting my Autumn Wreath Yankee Candle while I do some schoolwork or housework.  I also love fall baking and cooking.  This is the perfect time to make chili or meatloaf, two of my favorite fall/winter meals.  I could go on and on about everything I love about fall.  There's nothing like the crisp cold air, leaves changing colors, and a trip to the pumpkin patch. I'm looking forward to all the fun things we have planned this month.

Thinking:  How I cannot wait for our annual fall trip to Door County, WI.  It's my "happy place" and it's become a tradition that we go there every summer and fall (sometimes Spring).  The boys all love it and we have our favorite two resorts we stay at.  We've been there so many time we have our favorite shops and restaurants that we have to go to. Trying to schedule our trip around football has become a challenge as the boys get older.  Next year our oldest will be on Varsity so that will make it extra challenging. I look forward to our Door County trip as my #1 favorite thing about fall.

Wanting:  Yesterday I spent my prep decorating my room at school.  I have a few finishing touches to put up today.  This weekend I need to finish up our home decor so my husband can take the storage containers back downstairs.  I also want to do some fall baking and cookie decorating. My family appreciates home baked goodies.

Needing:  To start working out again.  That will be on my definitely to do list this weekend.  I belong to a gym that I haven't been to since summer.  Now that the weather is crisp and cool I'd like to start going for walks in the evenings.  I just need to start doing something!

Trick-or-Treat:  I think the Dollar Store is a great place to find really cute super inexpensive Halloween decorations/goodies.  I went there a couple weeks ago while my little was at football practice and picked up the cutest window clings, magnets (well those were a bit cheap), and other goodies.  I will have to take some photos of my classroom and add them to this post because I have acquired quite a few Halloween decorations for my classroom over the years.  My students do love it when I decorate and make positive comments about it.

Hope you all are enjoying fall as much as I am. I'm hoping to add some photos to this post later so feel free to stop back.  Have a great day and spectacularly spooky October!


  1. Fall is such a fun time to decorate in the house and classroom. It is still suppose to reach 80 here today....maybe fall will come along soon! I do find so much at the Dollar Store but haven't checked it out in awhile, might have to make a trip back.


  2. Good luck on getting back into the gym! After finding my wedding dress last month, I have been much more motivated to get back into the routine to go and have been going at least three days a week after school. I'll be honest, it has me drained right now after three weeks of going, but it will pay off in the end. I, thankfully, have two teachers in my building who go with me a couple times a week, so that helps keep me accountable for going. Have a great October!

  3. Just finished decorating the house! I LOVE FALL! Making pretzel pumpkins for granddaughters today! SO fun.I LOVE FALL BREAK! Enjoy the trip...all 4 of our kids played sports...traveled ALL over. SO FUN! Wendy 1stgradefireworks 1stgradefireworks

  4. I love the dollar store! I spent some serious time (and money!) there this summer adding in baskets for storage, as well as some other things.

    :) Kaitlyn
    Smiles and Sunshine

  5. The dollar store is one of the best places ever!! I got an e-mail today that in stores tomorrow will be ADORABLE Halloween themed solar powered dancing guys!

  6. Just discovered your bog! I am a 7th grade math teacher as well :) Do you have links for your products?

    This Little Ladybug


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