Monday, July 1, 2013

Made 4 Math/Monday Made It- Classroom passes

This past year I decided to make some new passes for my classroom.  I had them coordinate with my pink, lime, blue color scheme.  I loved the way they turned out and laminated some extra so when they got all bent and curled from students manhandling them I could just throw them away and had new passes ready to go.

When a student gets called to the Main Office or Guidance Office they just grab the pass out of the bucket on my desk.  We use the Blue House passes during our last period of the day called Home Base.  During this time students are allowed to go to any teacher to get help.  For the encore teachers the students have the fill out a digital pass in advance and they don't even come to my classroom.  I check the digi pass list (on google as everything is at my school).  If students want to get help or need to see one of the other core house teachers (science, social studies, language arts) they just let me know and grab a blue house pass.  

I just realized that I could do a whole blog post on passes because in addition to those shown above we also have laminated library passes, yellow passes that have to be filled out, and student planner passes that the students fill out and teacher just initials.  Sometime this fall I will do a blog post dedicated to explaining our pass policies at the middle school.  

Here are some sneak peeks at a few upcoming projects I have in the works for Monday posts.  I assure you these projects are no further along than the photos I am posting today.  I feel by putting the pictures up it might motivate me to follow through on these projects I have had in the works for months (and some even years).

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4th Grade Frolics


  1. I'll be watching for your detailed post about passes. We've tried a couple of things at my school but its hard to start something unless all the teachers and admin are on board. (And of course, the kids who really need to be tracked are the ones who sneak out without the passes)


    1. That will probably come sometime in Sept when we are back to school. We do have a good school policy so that definitely helps. I remember the good ole days when some teachers did not follow policy, but they are all gone now.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Emily
      I love the frame you made, especially the colors. For some reason I cannot leave a comment on your blog so hopefully you'll see this.


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