Saturday, February 23, 2013

Books currently in my cart on Amazon

Proof that I am a grown-up is how much of my own money I choose to spend on professional teacher resource books lately.  All of these books are currently in cart on Amazon.  I just need to place my order.  A couple of these are a for sure purchase and a few may by saved in my cart for later.

Last summer I joined an online Guided Math Book Study.  We read Laney Sammons' book.  It was a great learning experience for me and I need to read through all those linked post to refresh my memory.  I find this book on using Literacy Strategies to make meaning very intriguing.

As I was browsing through some books on Amazon I found the book below.  Don't know much about it, other than I can always use help with literacy strategies.

This book on Math Workshop for Grades 4-8 was recommended to me by our awesome middle school literacy coach @UWKatie.  Katie is phenomenal with all things literacy and I love when she passes on tips or recommendations to me.  She knows I want to do math workshop in my classroom, but I haven't found much guidance for the middle school level.  I hope this book will be the resource I need to get myself going on math workshop.

This book has been talked about all over Twitter by people I follow and there are even a couple online books studies here and here.  I've heard lots of great things about this book by people currently reading it and I follow the author @burgessdave on twitter.  He is a great down to earth guy.  I enjoy reading books by people that get what it's like being a "real" teacher in a "real' classroom.

If you have read (or heard about) any of these I would love for you to leave me a comment.  Especially the first two because those were not really recommended to me by anyone who has actually read them. I teach 7th grade math and there are not nearly the resources for this age level when it comes to math resource books as there are available for the elementary level.

I promise to do some follow-up posts on the books I end up purchasing.  What are you currently reading?

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