Sunday, October 30, 2011

Computer Table Organization

Sharing some photos of my computer table organization.  When I am sitting at my desk my computer table is on my right.  I have to plug my MacBook in every morning to all these cords.  There is a white power cord, a grey cord to the network,  and the white dongle is for the projector, I also have to plug that small black cord in for sound.  There is really no easy way to organize these cords.  I tried to use binder clips on the edge of the table, but my table was too wide for that to work.

All these cords for my computer to hook up to my projector and SMARTBoard
This is a view of the whole table with computer, files, and teacher resource materials.

My organized computer table
The top file holds corrected papers that have been entered into Powerschool (our computer grading program).  The next file below holds empty sheet protectors.  I like to put everything into sheet protectors because like my copies to have no holes punched in them.  Whenever I print something I put it into a sheet protector right away so I know it's a copy master.  The next level holds items that need to be put away into module binders (that's why they are all in sheet protectors), and the bottom holds extra copies of any binder handouts students receive.
File Holders
This organizer holds file folders I need to access regularly.  I keep my phone extension list in the front so I always see it (I turned it around for the photo).  I keep catalogues on the bottom and above that I keep copies of things I have printed off the computer that have not yet been filed or placed in the appropriate binder.
More files
Here is my teacher resource/binder organization.  I only keep the things I am currently using here.  Everything else is on my teacher resource bookshelf.  On the left are my two favorite problem solving books by Ed Zacarro.  I keep a copy of my lesson plan book from last year (it's not in the photo because I was using it) as a resource for planning and pacing.  I also keep the books that I am reading during IRT.  I keep other teacher resource books that go with the current module we are on.
Resource books and Module Binders
My post-it notes and my Lilly Pulitzer notebooks that I carry with me at all times to any meetings I go to.  
Love my Lilly Notebooks and Stickies
A close up of the darling Lilly stickies.  I usually carry these with me too because they are in a nice protected case.
Lilly Stickies
Post-it heaven.  The post-it colors match the color scheme of my classroom.  I am so crazy for color coordination.  :)
I hope you have enjoyed seeing my computer desk organization.  I will have an upcoming post with photos of my teacher desk organization.


  1. Oh wow what great tips and this area looks so organized and neat. You have made me want to get into gear and get our office area organized!!


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