Sunday, July 17, 2011

Classroom purchases AKA My Target Addiction

I have been on a roll lately hitting up the Dollar Store and Target's Dollar Spot.  I have decided on a color scheme for my classroom organizing this year.  It is pink, green, and blue.  I love everything pink and green (that's just the preppy coming out in me), but I felt if I just went with pink and green it might be too girly so I threw the blue in for some balance.  

This morning I stopped at Target before going into my classroom to unload most of my summer purchases. I have taken over a bookcase in the living room with my teaching binders and other math resource books and I knew my husband was not too thrilled with all the bags of goodies strewn throughout the house.  I hit the jackpot at Target this morning with some items that were perfect for my pink, green, and blue color scheme.
Unfortunately not everything comes in my lovely color scheme.  I know these pocket charts are more geared toward the elementary level, but I will figure out a way to use them either in my learning stations or for classroom group work.
Everything is from Target except the green bin three pack in the middle of the photo.  Don't you love the color scheme?

I am bound and determined to do some Math Stations this year and will figure out a way to use those files either for the stations or for teacher created math games.  The scrapbook paper will be used for cutting out letters or something like that.
This is the shelf where I store all my math binders and other teacher resources.  Looking forward to adding more color this year.  Not sure how everything will come together, but I assure you it will all get used!

Blogger is misbehaving right now as I try to add captions to my last few photos.  When I add a caption the photo jumps to somewhere else in my post and it's super annoying.  The next photo is of some little planes I saw at the Dollar Spot and decided to buy to figure out a fun activity or learning station.  My students LOVE to do anything out of the ordinary and I know they will have a blast with the airplanes.    Now I just need to figure out what to do with them.

This last photo is of some random items I have purchased to use in my classroom.  I just love getting my classroom set up for the new school year and am looking forward to spicing things up with my new purchases.  I teach middle school, but I assure you my students love to a have a fun brightly decorated and very organized classroom.  I like my classroom to feel cozy and inviting to anyone who enters it.

This I am linking up to Love2Learn2Day's Math Monday Blog Hop and Target Treasures.


  1. Hi Sherrie! I just found your blog and love it! I am moving to middle school this year after 15 years as a primary school teacher. I will be teaching 6th grade math and reading. I love that you have a bright, cheerful, organized room for your students. I want to do the same for my students. I'm going to do primary colors and polka dots.

    Happy Teaching!

  2. Love the color scheme! Thanks for linking up at Math Monday. ;)
    Cindy @ love2learn2day

  3. The colors look great together!! I'm doing pink, green and gray! It'll be girly, but who cares! I teach primary! Haha! Thanks for linking up your fabulous finds :)


  4. I have the same color scheme thanks to Target :)



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