Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day Back and Learning Stations

Today is my first "official" day back to school, however, I have already spent many many hours getting my classroom ready.  We all know how of their own time teachers spend getting their classrooms ready to go without being compensated for it.  Things are looking pretty good if I do say so myself.  I am still figuring out my Math Learning Stations, but I have kind of narrowed down some topics to start with:

September/October Learning Stations:

Focus:  Basic concept review for WKCE test. Module 1 and Module 2

SMARTBoard: (2)
Desktop Computer: (2)
Laptop Computers: (varies)

Manipulatives:  (multiple)
     Pattern Blocks (4)
     Pentominoes (4)
     Tangrams (4)

     Word Wall (2)
     Math Poster (2)
     Scholastic Math Magazine (multiple) (4)

Basic Skill Review for WKCE:
     The Number System

Math Games- cards or dice: (multiple)

Math Games:  free selection

The number in parentheses tells me how many students would do that learning station at a time.  Some will be more flexible where I could easily add more students.  My class size ranges from 27-30 students so the key if figuring out logistically how to get each student to the station they need to go to.  

I also need to find some basic skill review focusing on number operations, measurement, and geometry as review for the WKCE which is our state test we take in November.  I have a huge issue of the timing of our state testing in WI.  They are really being tested on what they learned in 6th grade, however, they have three months off school and then I am teaching 7th grade curriculum at the start of the year.  It drives me crazy and that is why we have to spend some time reviewing.  

I have not put anything together yet for those stations so I will be a busy girl getting my math learning stations up and running the next couple of weeks.  I promise to do more posts on my stations as I get them figured out.  I have been focusing on my manipulatives right now and making the necessary copies that are needed to go with them.  Do learning stations at the middle school level is a daunting task so I am trying to use the knowledge I have gained from primary teachers to adapt it to fit my level.

Off to get ready for my first day.  We have a one hour district wide meeting this morning at 8 AM and then head back to school for a 1.5 hour meeting.  I love our principal and her meetings are always worthwhile and cut right to the chase.  She runs the best meetings where you don't feel like you are wasting time on nonsense.  After that the rest of the day is mine to work in my classroom!


  1. I recently found out that I would be teaching 7th grade math in a resource room setting, and I would love to implement math stations. I love your ideas, and I was wondering if you could tell me more about the Math Poster station? Thank you! =)

    1. Hi Lyndzie,
      I did not ever end up doing that station, but my thought was to have students look at a poster and then do some problems that went with it. I bought several posters on different topics and they actually came with some worksheets so I thought the kids could work on the worksheet while using the poster like an anchor chart. That was my thought. HTH


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