Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Classroom Organization w/ two great tips for you!

I spent several hours in my classroom last week doing some organizing and starting to put a few decorations up around my room.

The biggest accomplishment was removing EVERYTHING from my Blue wheeled cabinet, where I store math manipulatives and games among other items.  This was a MAJOR project and it was great to find things I forgot I had!  I found lots of items I can use for my learning stations.

No one knows what is lurking behind closed doors!

SCARY cupboard island!  (That's a shout out to crazy Kelly from RHNY)  The frightening before photo.

Not perfect yet, but much better.  This was Phase 1 to declutter and get most things into storage containers.

TIP #1:  My Daily Files.  I have been using this system for years.  Before the weekend I make sure all copies are made and I place everything in the appropriate day file.  This system is wonderful if you have an unplanned absence because everything the sub needs is right there.  I actually laminated the file folder and have used these for a couple years now.  The 5 slot sorter is awesome and made of durable plastic.

TIP #2:  A little tip for storing small hanging items.  This year I  had my students lay each decoration on a piece of paper.  I think stacked those and put them in a file folder and taped up the sides.  When I went to put these back up (they hang on paper clips) it was a piece of cake!  Nothing was tangled and I didn't have to start from scratch with new ribbon/paperclips.  A huge timesaver!

I hope this post was helpful!

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  1. Where did you find your plastic 5 slot sorter?


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