Monday, August 8, 2011

Back to the Grind

I don't officially start back at school until Aug 25th, but I already have several days of meetings and a day on the interview committee to hire our new AP.  Today my meeting was 12-4 PM and it was to set up the professional development schedule for the coming year.  I am the middle school math liaison and I will work with our K-12 math coordinator as well as our former math coordinator who is now a consultant (she retired this past school year) to help with our K-12 math review as well as running the professional development this year.  Tomorrow I will be at school 7:30-3:30 for the interviews.  This Friday my teaching team is meeting for lunch.  We have two new teachers joining our team this year.

Next week I have a meeting for the Positive Climate Committee that I am a part of at my school.  That meeting will only be a couple of hours and then I am hoping to spend some time in my classroom working on getting things set up.  I also have two days of the Math Review committee 8-4.  Needless to say my summer seems to have slipped away right out from under me.

I do have to say that my mind is totally focused on school these days.  I have been reading lots of professional books and articles.  It will be a busy year for me with all the committee and liaison work I will be doing.  It's exciting to be a part of such meaningful change, it's always hard being out of my classroom.

We did have a great vacation last week.  We went up to Green Bay and hit Bay Beach, stayed at the Tundra Waterpark, and visited Lambeau Field.  My husband took the boys to Packer practice last Sunday night and the highlight of the practice was Nick Collins doing a Lambeau leap right in front of where they were sitting.

The train ride at Bay Beach.

Outside Lambeau

The only photo of me on vacation.
 After our whirlwind tour of GB we headed off to my favorite happy place in the whole wide world, Door County.  We visit DC 1-3 times per year.  We always stay at the same resort in Egg Harbor and we have some favorite restaurants we dine at.  This year we tried out four new restaurants which is a record for us.  My favorite was a new tapas place that just opened this year in Egg Harbor.  Greg and I went there twice for an early dinner and then picked up take out for the boys.  It was blissful having a kid free dinner and the food and sangria were fabulous.  We spent our days swimming at the pool and shopping. We were supposed to come home on Wed because our resort was booked that night, but we just changed resorts and stayed another night!
Enjoying their favorite treat, gelato,  in DC.
Breathtaking view from the patio of our resort.   The boys were captivated!

I am anxious to get back into my classroom, but they are currently waxing the floors in the 7th grade pod so I don't think I will be able to get in until Sunday or next Monday.  I have plenty of things to do here both school and home related.  I hope you are all enjoying the end to your summer and for those who have already started back to work, I hope your first few days have been smooth!

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