Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A few new photos and a couple of tips for decorating your classroom

The past two days I have spent eight hours day on a math review committee.  We are working on looking at the CCSS and also doing research on best practices among other things.  The days went really well, other than the AC not working in the library of the HS where we were meeting.  It was hot!  Today we got done a bit early so I headed to my classroom to see if I could accomplish anything while my dad was still watching the boys.

I got one of my most putzy tasks accomplished, which is decorating the front of my classroom door.  Seriously it took me an hour and there is so much tape on everything it will stay up for the entire school year.   I changed up my decor for the front of my door and I absolutely loved it.  I changed things a bit this year and added a new poster that I love and am very pleased with how it turned out.  I will probably add a couple of Calvin and Hobbes comics to the front door.

Love my new Learning Zone Poster!

Using yarn for straight letter placement.  Also to fancy up my letters, ruler border,  posters  I added some silver star stickers.  I just love how the finished product looks.

A tip for putting up letters and bulletin boards if you are as anal retentive as I am about things being straight.  Tape a piece of yarn to use as a guide.  I got this awesome trick from my teacher friend's husband who was helping her put up her bulletin boards yesterday.  Another tip it to add stickers to your bulletin board letters, borders. or posters.  I used silver stars, but you can use anything, especially if you have a theme going in your class.  I just think it really adds something to the letters.  I add the stickers to everything before I laminate it.

My comfy rocker chairs with a pink ottoman.  The big pillows will be for students who want to work or read on the floor and be more comfy.  Pillows from Sam's Club, everything else from Target.
 I need to find a good storage option for the pillows.  Any ideas?  I thought about a black laundry basket, but I think the pillows are too big.  I will probably bring in a laundry basket tomorrow and check it out.
I love my pink and green.  Chairs from Target and pillows from Sam's club.
I am starting to feel like I am accomplishing something in my room.  I don't officially start back until next Thursday, but I (like many of you) prefer to get as much of my classroom set up out of the way so I can start off the year feeling organized.  I plan on going back to school tomorrow for a few hours in the morning to do some more classroom set-up so I will hopefully have some more photos to share with you.

Now that I am done with my math review until our September meeting I plan on really figuring out my math stations.  I will definitely be sharing how I plan in implementing them, in an upcoming post.  I also will be responding to some questions/requests that have been posted in the comments section or emailed to me.  If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment or email and I promise to post answers in the next couple of days!

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