Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Two of my favorite Pinterest Boards

Quick post today to keep myself on track with the #July2014Challenge Twitter challenge started by Druinok  Please feel free to join in the challenge with other bloggers listed.

Today was a super busy day for me that involved meeting my wonderful mother for lunch followed by a fresh cut and color of my hair, and then simultaneous baseball games for my middle and little (they both won, YAY!).  Middle won the his first play-off game 10-6 and little won a league game 16-15.  I watched littles game because my husband coaches middle's team.

Needless to say, due to my busy day I am just posting now.  I am taking the easy way out today and sharing two of my favorite Pinterest Boards.  The first board is my Middle School Math Board which is self explanatory.  The other is Too Funny where I pin any funny things I see. If you need a good laugh check out that board for sure.  I just did an am still cracking up at some of my pins.

Follow Sherrie's board Middle School Math on Pinterest.

Follow Sherrie's board Too Funny on Pinterest.

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