Saturday, July 5, 2014

Active Vocabulary Skits

Our Chapter 9 "Using Geometry" has 40 identified key terms of vocabulary.  I think this is the most vocabulary loaded chapter of our text.  One day I decided we needed to spend a little more time making sure students understood some of the key terms (not all 40 mind you).  I think I picked out the 20 most important words I wanted to make sure we focused on.

 I decided I wanted to have them do something more fun and active for getting them to discuss the meanings of the words and so before school that morning I came up with and idea to let them teach the vocabulary term any way they chose.  I need to get my students up and moving around more and these Active Vocabulary Skits are a perfect way for them to do that.  They also get to have fun working in their teams which helps them build relationships.

 I gave my 2nd hour class that option, but found that the students had the most fun and were more engaged when the groups acted out the words in skits.  I ended up having my 5th and 6th hour just do skits for all the words. These were not elaborate skits, many just involved acting the word out.

I wrote the 20 vocabulary terms on index cards.  In my class students were divided into six different table groups of 4 or 5 students working together (except for my Accelerated Math class, which had 34 students so I had an extra group of 4 who sat at the table).  I first had a student randomly choose two different terms and then I modeled for them how to act out the term.  This way I took the pressure off them, by showing them what the expectation was.

I then passed out three index cards to each group. I don't recall how much time I gave them to figure out their skits, probably more than 5, but no more than 10 minute.  I had them act out their terms and then students were able to guess the word. Once the word was guessed correctly, the group was responsible for giving the definition of the term.

Vertical angles

Congruent angles or the start of the song YMCA ;)

Straight angle

I don't remember this term, but I think they did a more elaborate skit with speaking parts

Students had a lot of fun and I have to say they were very on task and engaged in their learning.  I definitely plan on using this strategy again.  Going through these photos makes me miss my wonderful students.  We had lots of fun last year and I miss them!

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  1. okay that's pretty awesome! Definitely going to think about doing this in my class!

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings


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