Thursday, July 3, 2014

Boosting Staff Morale-Friday Treats

I have decided to do some blog posts sharing some fun things that happen in my school.  I love hearing how other schools build a sense of community and fun in their buildings for students as well as staff members.  Hopefully we can all inspire each other because teaching is STRESSFUL these days and anything fun or morale boosting we can do is good in my opinion!

We have Friday treats in our school every few weeks. One thing I know about teachers is they love to eat!  And they love to eat even more if they don't have to cook themselves.  At the beginning of the year there is a Google Doc sign up where teams or groups of teachers sign up together to bring in treats for one Friday of the year.  The treats are usually set up by 7:30 AM (students come in at 7:40) so teachers who teach first hour, unfortunately are not able to sit around socializing with others for very long. At my school the 7th and 8th grade run on two different bell schedules.  What that means is that there is very little time and chance to interact with other teachers outside of your content/grade level.  These Friday treat morning are the only time I see some other teachers other than monthly faculty meetings.

Some groups bring in breakfast type items and others do snacks or a combination of both.  Each group decides to bring whatever they choose so it's always a surprise.  It's really fun to come to school on those Fridays knowing I don't have to worry about eating breakfast (and often times lunch too because the treats are that plentiful).

The pictures below are from my 7th Grade Blue House team's treats this year.  We obviously had treats in March (one of my teamies put out the cute shamrocks). All the food you see was brought by the five of us on my house team.

Treats galore

Notice our district's framework for continuous improvement poster always front and center ;)

Veggie pizza always a hit

Desserts galore

If your school does not do something similar to this I urge you to get it started this year.  It's yummy, fun, and what teacher doesn't like food?!


  1. ahhh a dieter's nighmare! LOL, we do Sunshine club at our school where we all donate a few $$ and the guidance counselors go get us goodies for a birthday lunch each month.

  2. We do the Sunshine club as well as a monthly breakfast. This allows us to have 2 treats each month. I am switching schools this year so no clue what it in store now.

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  3. Our parents do this for us. The senior parents are the first month of the semester, sophomores the second month, etc. They come in the second Thursday of the month with treats at lunchtime. With four grades, each group does twice a year!


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