Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Made It- 6/29/15

I am linking up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for this week's Monday Made It link up.

At the end of the school year I did a lot of planning and organizing for the upcoming school year on Google Docs.  Teaching middle school means I cannot do all the fun and cutesy things I see elementary teachers do, but my students still love a nicely decorated classroom and they still love to get little trinkets, candy, or stickers.  I made a doc with all the ideas for monthly decor and treats.  I like to change out my window borders and clings to easily change the decor in my classroom without spending a ton of time putting things up and taking them down.  Some things stay up for more than one month. depending on the season.

I have three seasonal bins (Fall, Winter, Spring) for storing items like pencils, paper pads,  and stickers.  I store items for September, October, and November in Fall, December, January, and February in Winter, and March, April, May/June in Spring.

Fall items container

I got really organized at the end of the school year (when I should have been packing up my room LOL) and separated items into monthly baggies (instead of having everything loose in the container) that now go into each seasonal container.  I like that I will be able to easily grab the bag of goodies for the month rather than sifting through the whole container to see what I have.

Baggies of items for each month of the school year

I finally got around to making my own font.  The process of creating the font is super quick and easy.  Being able to neatly write the letters in the small space without cutting anything off is not so easy.  I will have a blog post soon about how to create your own font.  Stay tuned.

Love it!

Ok I just had to post a photo of these Spanish Go Fish cards that I had over 25 years ago!  I was a double major in Eled and Spanish in college and spent a couple summers teaching Spanish to young children.  Sidenote I completely designed the course myself and got it up and running.  After college I then taught summer school Spanish for three summers.  I made this cards way back then and my parents still have them at their house.  We were at my parents' house the other weekend and my youngest was playing go fish with my dad (they play a combo with Spanish/ English) and I just had to take a photo of the cards my son had won so far in the game.  I just have to say these are not even laminated.  If TPT had existed back then I could have made a mint off the teaching materials I created for those classes.  Everything was done via *GASP* spirit duplicating master!  LOL

Spanish Go Fish Cards

I have already made this Nectarine Muffin recipe twice this summer.  It is very quick and easy.  It's especially great if you have any peaches or nectarines that are getting overripe.  I had two nectarines today that were on the verge and so I made another batch of muffins.  My changes:  I use two nectarines and no peach, I make 12 muffins instead of 8, and I just sprinkle the brown sugar on top, no measuring of that.  These are the moistest (or juiciest if you hate that word) muffins.

Nectarine Muffins


  1. The muffins sound yummy!!


  2. Please share how to create your own font soon!

    1. I promise a blog post on making your own font will be coming soon.


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