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#mtboschallenge Week 7: October Goals

This is Week 7 of the #mtboschallenge on twitter.  The challenge is to blog once a week for the remainder of 2014.  Each Saturday there will be a different prompt shared to blog about.  The prompt will be shared prior to Saturday on twitter using #mtboschallenge  You can link up on my blog (or any other blog that shares the link up). Also share your blog post on twitter with #mtboschallenge .  You can copy the following graphic into your blog post.  Each Sunday @druinok from  Teaching Statistics will host a 3-2-1 Summary prompt where you can blog about anything you choose.   Feel free to join the blogging challenge on either Saturday, Sunday, or both days.  We really hope you join the challenge!

The prompt for this week is to blog about your October goals.  Please click on all the blogs that link up and leave comments.  


  • Growth Mindset Focus-  I need to do some focused activities/discussions with my students about growth vs. fixed mindset. I'd also like to get some growth mindset visuals displayed in my classroom.
  • Plan Carnegie Chapters 2, 3, and 4- We just cannot get ahead of our Honors Math Class on the planning.
  • Organize Classroom- I've been in school for a month now and I need to take some time to get my teacher corner all organized.  Once my kidney table came in I had to shift things around which caused that back corner to need some reorganization.  I also want to organize my blue wall cabinet.  I have numerous boxes of kleenex that need to be put away.
  • Work on my Educator Effectiveness Plan- I have to pick my students for my SLO sub group and write my EEP.  I want to organize files on my computer desktop for Danielson Focus Areas 1 and 4 for uploading artifacts.  Good times!
  • Conferring- I want to set up a structure for conferring with my students.  I have already started pulling small groups and individuals for targeted instruction based on formative assessment data, but I want to start conferring with students so we can focus on growth mindset and goals.
  • Anchor Charts/Foldables- I need to start designing anchor charts and foldables to help students focus on key concepts for each unit of study.

  • Daily Exercise- I want to make sure I do sit-ups and push-ups daily, as well as, either walking or working out at the gym.
  • Healthy Eating- I do very well with this at school (because I am so busy there is no time to snack!), but I need to work on that after school time before dinner when I get home and feel hangry.  Need to do a better job of planning healthy snacks.
  • Daily Prayer/Devotion- I attended the Homebuilders class at church last weekend and it was all about your prayer life.  I need to carve out time daily for this.
  • Get Organized- My jewelry and shoes are in desperate need of organization.  I need to finish up organizing the master bedroom, bath, and closet.  The fridge needs to be cleaned and the upstairs pantry needs to be organized. My teacher stuff at home needs to be organized better.  Lastly, I can add Halloween Decorations to my fall decor and get all the containers out of my living room.
  • Positive Attitude- I need to stay focused and positive with all the pressures and demands of teaching.  The workload is INSANE in my opinion with Educator Effectiveness, SBG, Disciplinary Literacy, and then throw in actually TEACHING MATH.  I love my job and have awesome students again this year so I enjoy the time I spend with them helping them succeed with math.
  • Have Fun- October is such a busy month, but filled with lots of fun things for our family.  All three boys play football so we have 3 footballs games every week.  We also have our Education Foundation Auction.  I'm on the Foundation Board so not only to I attend the auction, but I will volunteer for a portion of the event.  I also sell raffle tickets and donate a basket for the event.  We are also planning a weekend in our favorite place, Door County.  We love going there in the fall, but with all the boys playing football, it's difficult to find a weekend to go.  Lastly we are going to the Pumpkin Patch this year.  We have been so busy the past few years with football every Sat and fall baseball every Sun that we've not been able to go to the pumpkin patch.  We're doing that and carving pumpkins.  Cooper is in 3rd grade and I want to enjoy the same fun family activities with him that we did when his older brothers were younger.

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  1. I am curious to hear how the growth mindset activities work out. It is such an important outlook for kids to have. Other than finding teachable moments to talk about it, I am not sure what else to do, so I look forward to reading about how you address this.


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