Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday Made It

It is officially my first Monday of summer break.  My last day of school was last Thursday.  I went from school to my youngest son's BB practice and then middle son's BB game.  We finally picked up Subway for dinner at 8:45 PM.  All I really wanted to do was chill on the patio with a drink and my latest issue of US Weekly.

Friday was a whirlwind of laundry, baking, and packing for yet another weekend LAX tourney.  This was in Verona for the Boys U15 Central Championship.  It was a long fun weekend, but I am glad that today I feel like I am FINALLY on summer break.

Today has been more laundry, dishes, and cleaning.  The house has suffered some serious neglect the past few weeks of school and it's time to get it all clean and organized.  Believe when I say this will be a summer long project.  Needless to say I have not had a spare moment to do anything creative and crafty the past several weeks, but I do have some things to share from this year.

I am linking up with  4th Grade Frolics for here Monday Made it link up.  I never got around to posting my finished decorated teacher desk last school year so I thought I would share it today. It really did not look as wrinkled IRL as it appears in the photo below.  Next year I will use chalkboard contact paper before I put the border and decorations up.  I bought some last year, but never paid attention to how ridiculously small the roll I bought was.  It wasn't even big enough to cover this small area.  I ended up ordering another roll from a different vendor and paid attention to the size.  It was a much better deal!

I ended up buying a kidney shaped table to use for small groups in my classroom.  My plan is to place that table where my desk was this year and put my desk against the wall where my computer table was.  Not sure where this will leave my cute desk decoration if it faces the wall. but I will figure out somewhere in my classroom to use the letters of my name.

I am hoping this post is the start of getting myself back on track with blogging this summer.  I did so many wonderful things in my classroom this year and hope to share lots of them with you this summer.

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