Friday, June 21, 2013

Five for Friday-June 21st

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching Five for Friday to get myself back in the blog posting mode.

I finally finished school last Thursday.  We have a staff cookout on the last teacher day where our PE teacher cooks burgers, brats, and chicken and everyone brings in a dish to pass.  There is always a ton of delicious food and it's a nice way for the whole staff to get together one last time before leaving for summer.

I spent the day getting my room all packed up.  This summer our rooms are being used for summer school which meant we really had to pack up and cover everything.  I am lucky because I know the teachers that will be using my classroom so I don't have the worry about things getting lost or broken.  Much better than a random teacher coming in.

This is the cart full of goodies I brought home for the summer.  Everything is still sitting in the foyer and living room so I need to get things organized.

All packed up and ready to turn off the lights one last time.

Just call me the bag lady.
Took my three boys to the Milwaukee Public Museum on Monday.  Mondays are free for Milwaukee county residents and this is on my summer bucket list every year and then we seem to run out of free Mondays and don't end up going.  This year I was determined to do it right away.

While we were walking through the Streets of Old Milwaukee Exhibit, my oldest son's shoe fell apart.  He has Adidas slides and one fell apart.  Luckily the kind woman working in the candy store had some clear packing tape so we were able to wrap that baby up and it held up fine.  

We had a great time and then walked to a Spanish tapas restaurant for lunch.  The food and service we less than stellar so we won't be returning, but I was proud of my boys being adventurous to try something different.

My youngest had me take numerous photos of himself at various exhibits.

The butterflies loved our oldest.  I think he wanted to come see a Comets game.
Love the igloo.
Friday night we had our end of the season LAX picnic at a park.  Ben won the big raffle prize of a beautiful framed photo of the prayer they did before every game.  Ben and Drew each also won $25 from the fundraiser raffle.  This was the first season of the boys playing Lacrosse and we could not have had a more enjoyable time watching them.  It is such a fun and entertaining sport to watch.  Both the boys loved playing and all the parents were great.  I am a total LAX convert and it is by far the most fun sport to watch IMO!

Ben won the big raffle prize.  That was the prayer they said before every game.

Drew before his game.

Ben facing off.
Father's day was spent doing lots of yard and housework as it was our first free weekend since LAX started back in April.  We have been gone every weekend day for either LAX games or select BB tournaments.  It was kind of a chill day for us.  We went out to lunch at Red Robin and then had my parents over for a dinner of grilled salmon, crash hot potatoes, and grilled romaine salad.  I finally made fruit pizza which my middle son has been begging me to make for a couple of weeks.

It was a beautiful night so we ate outside and then Greg threw the LAX ball around with Ben, while my dad played catch with a Cooper. We ended the evening with a neighborhood game of kickball in our backyard.  It was such a great day celebrating my dad and my husband.

Papa with his boys.

5th:  I was out of school less than a week when I went back for a day of math planning for Carnegie.  It was really hard to feel like I was on summer break after spending 8 hours on planning.  I am so looking forward to this coming year as my good friend Charla is going to be a 7th grade math teacher.  She will make a great addition to our content team and I look forward to collaborating with her.  No photos of the math planning day, but I'm sure you can all picture how exciting it was.  LOL!

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  1. Woohoo! A middle school maths blog to follow! I teach year six in New Zealand so I'm very excited to have found your blog through the linky!

    Enjoy your summer! We don't finish for the year until December!

    x Serena x
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