Saturday, June 1, 2013

Currently June

I'm linking up with Farley for her June Currently.

Listening:  My boys drive me absolutely crazy because they seem to be physically unable to play the Wii together without arguing.  Sometimes I get so annoyed we unplug it completely for several days.  Watching the new show Motive.  It's OK.

Loving:  How much fun this weekend was.  Both my older boys had a LAX tournament in IL so we stayed overnight at a hotel.  Each were supposed to play three games, but the final games got rained out.  Everyone signed up to bring different food so we had five tents with an impressive spread of food.  The boys all had a blast.  This is the first year my sons played LAX and it had become my favorite sport to watch.  It also helps that it's such a great group of parents to hang out with.

Thinking: How school ends in less than two weeks.  It has been another great year and I cannot believe the days left with my kiddos are in the single digits.  We have had such a great year as we implemented our new math curriculum Carnegie Learning.  I am so proud of all my students accomplished this year and how they have grown as students and individuals.  I will definitely miss them.

Wanting:  Someone else to pack up my room for me.  It is my least favorite task to do, other than making seating charts.  I have started to declutter as much as I can.  This year we are having summer school classes in our rooms which stinks because I have to pack up every little thing and lock up as much as I can.  Much more work than other summers.  Boo!

Needing: To get to sleep earlier tonight than last night.  The boys all swam in the pool while the adults had some cocktails on the patio outside the pool.  My boys were in heaven hanging out with their friends at the hotel.  It was a late, but super fun night for all of us.  Today we spent nine hours outside in the fresh air and I am spent.  The boys both played two LAX games and unfortunately got rained out for the last one.  My 7 yo has a LAX stick and so he was playing around all day.  He fell asleep on the car ride home.


  1. I have such mixed feelings about the end of the school year, too! I'm so excited for summer, but I'm so sad to be done with this fantastic group of first graders!
    Colleen :-)
    Fun and Fearless in First

  2. If you find that packing fairy, send her my way! I am not looking forward to it this year either. I have to pack everything and move it out over the summer!
    Enchanting Elementary

  3. It would be lovely having year 7s! Here in Australia year 7 is in the process of moving from Primary School to High School which is a lovely move for them :)

    I can't wait until we have Year 7s in high school as that would be my favourite year level to teach :)

    Liz - BaysideMathTeacher

  4. Hi Sherrie! I'm in love with your blog and it has been one of my "go to" resources this year. Your suggestions for groups, organizations, and book recommendations have all been used in my class this year. Thank you for your blog and the effort you put into sharing your adventures!

    In an effort to pay it forward (because I've certainly appropriated and used many things from the web for teaching), I've started my own blog. I'm also hoping that by writing things down it will help me focus and actually get more done! I've perused blogs for ways to make it look approachable and interesting (I hope). One of the things I love that you do is "Currently". Can you explain how that is done each month?

    Thanks again for your ideas, support, and enthusiasm!


    1. Thanks so much Jody! I'm glad you found some practical ideas to use in your classroom. I look forward to checking out your blog, now that I have some downtime this summer.

      To do currently, I do a picture capture of the template and then paste it into powerpoint and make text boxes to put in my answers. Then I save it an upload it to my blog. I think someone might have a tutorial out there on how to do it, I know my explanation is a bit vague.

      Thanks for all your kindness and I will be checking out your blog soon!


  5. Thanks Sherrie! I appreciate your willingness to share. I hope you enjoy your summer and some much needed relaxation (although if you are anything like me, your brain is still running wild with ideas that you absolutely have to work on)!



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