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Tag I'm It!

I was tagged by the five awesome bloggers below.  I'm sorry it took me so long to get this posted.  It took some time to answer all the questions.  

1. You must post the rules.
2. Post 12 fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create 12 new questions for the people you tagged.
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12 fun facts about myself:

1.  I know God has a sense of humor because I have three brothers and now I have three sons.  It's a boys world for me.  Let's just say if I ever am blessed with a granddaughter she will be spoiled!  :)

2.  I studied in Valladolid, Spain my sophomore year of college and ended up traveling all over Europe.

3.  I have wanted to be a teacher since I was a little girl.  I used to play school all the time.  I wanted to teach either K or 3rd grade.  I teach 7th grade math (not sure how that happened!) and love it despite the fact that I have a double major in Eled and Spanish.

4.  My happy place is Door County, WI.  We have vacationed there too many times to count.  I have been there every season except for winter.

5.  I have beautiful penmanship.  In our college language arts methods class we had to turn in handwriting samples for a grade and I did them for my roommates.

6.  My favorite grades of school were 3rd, 7th, and sophomore year.

7.  I don't drink soda very often.  I mostly drink water.  I love milk, but found out last year that I have a dairy sensitivity.  I love unsweetened iced tea and always drink that when we go out to eat.  If I have soda I prefer diet orange.  I will drink diet coke in a bind, but hate diet pepsi.  I would rather drink water than diet pepsi.

8.  My favorite color is pink.  My classroom color scheme is pink, lime, and teal.  The kids love my classroom decor.

9.  I just got the new iPhone 4s because my son got my iPhone 4 for his birthday.  I just know Siri and I will be bffs.

10.  Growing up I loved social studies and language arts classes.  I never like science and I was always in the accelerated math class, but never really liked math.

11.  I am an early riser since having kids.  Most days I wake up before my alarm (which is set for 5 AM).

12.  When I first started teaching my goal was to get experience for a few years and then teach abroad.  I remember having a conversation with another teacher my first year and I made the comment, "My worst fear is that I will be stuck in this district forever".  Now honestly I teach in an awesome district that people would love to teach in, so I am hardly "stuck", but back then my goal was to continue traveling the world.  I ended up moving to my city, we built a house here, and my kids attend school in my wonderful district.  If I had told my 23 yo self this is how things would end up, she never would have believed me in a million years.

Heather at Loose Shoelaces asked the following?
  1. What has been the most memorable lesson you have taught? When I taught 6th grade we used to do a huge interdisciplinary unit on Ancient Egypt.  It was so awesome and fun, we even had an open house for parents to come and see all the cool projects the kids did.
  2. What's a scent that triggers a memory for you?  Estee Lauder's Beautiful reminds me of college because I used to wear it.
  3. What's your favorite movie?  I am not much of a movie watcher, I watch tons of TV shows.  I love Sweet Home Alabama and the Family Stone.
  4. What's do you usually bring for lunch to school?  I often bring TJ's Roasted Red Pepper Tomato soup.  I will eat leftovers or a salad most days.
  5. Do you prefer student led conferences or traditional parent teacher conferences?  We do traditional because I do one PT conference and speak for all the other academic teachers.
  6. Do you drink Starbucks? What's your usual order? Cold weather-peppermint soy mocha, warm weather-unsweetended passion iced tea lemonade.
  7. What's your cell phone ring tone?  Marimab, I am boring like that.
  8. How often do you check your blogs that you follow?  Weekly for sure, I try to check some daily, but some days I am way too busy.  Once I get busy my google reader gets over 1000 and then I feel overwhelmed.
  9. What's your favorite recipe you like to bring to parties?  BLT bites
  10. What's a TV show that you loved growing up?  The Love Boat
  11. Target or Walmart? Without a doubt Target.  I liken Walmart to the 7th circle of hell!
  12. How many students do you have in your class? 27-29 this year.  Last year we had a breather after two years of the highest class sizes we ever had.  This year we are back up again!

1.  if you weren't a teacher, what would you be?  SAHM with lots of side businesses.  I feel I have so many untapped talents, but no time to tap them!
2. if you could travel anywhere where would you go?  I would go back to Europe.  I am not sure I fully appreciated my world travels as a 19 yo, plus I have more money now and could travel in much better style!
3. if your students could see you as a student would they believe it was you?  (my kids see me a super nerd, goody goody which might shock them to know i wasn't such a goody goody.)  I think they would.  I always enjoyed school, but they are surprised when I tell them that math was definitely NOT my favorite subject.
4. you get to invite a guest speaker to your class who would it be?  Kelly Ripa, only because I'm selfish like that and would want to spend the day with her.  I always think it would be fun for Kelly and I to trade places for a day.  Did you hear that Kelly?  Call me!
5. what are your three must have items for the school day?  SMARTBoard, Flair pens and a good pencil, my iPhone (I use it as a timer)
6. snooze button or jump out of bed? depends on the day
7. glass half empty or glass half full kind of person?  depends on the glass!
8.  do you have any secret talents?  I have many secret talents that I do not have enough time to nurture.

9.  what talent do you wish you had?  I wish I had a beautiful singing voice
10.  if you were a superhero what would your superpower be?  to read minds
11. what television show do you wish had NEVER been created?  I wish there was no Cartoon Network because my boys watch all the dumb shows on it (throw in the Disney network while you're at it)
12.  how do you deal with the stress of a long day?  I veg out and watch TV shows I have DVRd

1. Favorite Color?  Pink 
2. Favorite School Subject?  Math
3. Favorite Classroom Management Technique?  Tone.   I always tell the kids I do not need volume, because I have tone.  It is so funny because they never claim I "yell at them" they say that I "tone them"  like it's a verb.  LOL
4. Favorite School Lesson?  
5.  Least favorite school "chore"  Making seating charts
6.  Apple or Android  Apple all the way
7.  Money not being an object... Dream Car?  Some sort of luxury SUV
8.  Favorite restaurant to eat a fancy dinner at?  Bacchus

1) What is your favorite new thing you have incorporated into your class this year?  I am still in the process of implementing learning stations, but haven't done it enough for it to be my favorite at this point so I would say that I love (and the kids love) my little reading nook with comfy chairs and pillows

2) If you could be any musical artist who would you be?  I would be Carrie Underwood because I would like to rock her body and voice

3) What is your favorite store to buy teaching clothes?  I have a few boutiques in Door County that I love to shop at because no one else will be wearing what I am!

4) Favorite vacation spot?    Door County, WI 

5) What is another job you have had besides teaching?  Restaurant hostess

6) Trip to the beach or to the mountains? Beach

7) What is your favorite website?  Pinterest

8) What is your favorite book?  Hmmm not sure

9) Do you prefer to see movies in the movie theater or wait to watch them at home? at home

10) Do you have a favorite time of year?  Fall

11) What is one of your guilty pleasures?  chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate 

12) Where do you want to be in 3 years?  Well in three years I will be the mother of a *GASP* 16 yo, 13 yo, and 9 yo, so I guess I just want to be sane!

1. How long have you been teaching?  21 years
2. What is your favorite grade to teach? 6th or 7th
3. Favorite quote?  Pick up the shattered pieces of your life and move on
4. What's on your playlist?  Believe it or not, I really only listen to music on the radio when I am driving.   I love rap and hip hop even though I know the lyrics are often inappropriate
5. Favorite clothing store?  On Deck (has three stores in Door County)
6. Shoes...cute, comfort, or both?  Both
7. Mountains or beach?  beach
8. Coffee or tea? tea
9. How do you spend the summer vacation? Driving my boys here there and everywhere, at the pool, at the baseball fields, on the computer researching and planning my next school year.
10. Most recent addiction?  Grey's Anatomy early seasons on Netlix
11. Does your classroom have a theme?  I don't have a theme, but my color scheme is pink, lime, and teal
12. What's your favorite technology item in your classroom? SMARTBoard

12 questions:
1)  If you had a celebrity bff who would it be?
2)  Who was your favorite teacher when you were a student, and why?
3)  What is your biggest pet peeve?
4)  What is the current state of education in the city or state where you live
5)  What are you most proud of?
6)  At what age did you decide to become a teacher?
7)  Who do you consider your teaching mentor?
8)  What is your favorite part of your job?
9)  What is your perfect day off of school?
10)  What is the one thing you think they should warn education students about?
11)  Where is your happy place?
12)  What would your theme song be?

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  1. Hi Sherrie:
    That was a LOT of work!
    (I had fun reading it though!)

    I was so touched to read your response on Mor's blog. That was really, REALLY nice. I think your words will put things in perspective and lift her spirits.

    Thanks for being such a sweet BloogerBuddy to so many of us,

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade


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