Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Goal Setting

I cannot believe it is already February 1st.  This school year is definitely flying by.I would like to thank the ladies that took the time to offer me some advice and tips about opening a teacher store online.  That will definitely be on my to do list for February!

Speaking of my to do list, I have put together my February School TO DO list.  I find that when I set goals and then make to do lists, I am far more productive with my time.  Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday at school.  Today is my last day without a TEENAGER in my house for the next several years.  My husband joked to my son this morning that he (my hubs) and I should go out to dinner tonight to celebrate our last night of freedom from teenagerdom!  I cannot believe that my beautiful bouncing baby boy will be 13 tomorrow.  Time does indeed fly.  Without further ado:

Month of February School TO DO List:

To Do:                                                              
1)  Assemble teacher binders by CC topics
2)  Choose and complete THREE Pinterest inspired pojects        
3)  Read differentiation books and try TWO new to me methods
4)  Plan Core Plus Activities-Enrichment/Intervention
5)  2011/2012 Budget-turn in receipts

To Lesson Plan:
1)  Ratio/Proportional Relationships
2)  Rational Numbers-evaluating expressions
3)  CMP Wrapping and Filling

To Organize:
1)  Space and shelves behind teacher desk
2)  Organized papers in crates
3)  Declutter five boxes        
4)  Learning Stations materials
5)  Module Binders

To Create:
1) Teacher store materials post TWO units for purchase-possible units: Integers, Fractions, Decimals, Ratio &Proportional Relationships, Geometry, Probability & Statistics, Daily Review, Assessments for CC
2)  Dum-dum sucker tree
3)  Daily Review warm-ups
4)  Fun Activities-minute to win it

To Assess:
1)  Exit slips
2)  Pre-assessments for differentiation
3)  Standards based assessments?


  1. I love your To Do List!! I need to make one too!! Thanks for the inspiration!
    To The Square Inch

  2. Hi Sherrie -

    Hate to add to your To Do list... but I just tagged you!

  3. I also tagged you! If you get the time hop on over to my blog so you can check out the rules and how it works. Thanks for all that you blog!


  4. Thanks for blogging! You've been tagged. :)

    Mrs. Tilmon Says...


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