Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday Scoop (1-4-15)

I'm linking up with Juliet at Teaching Trio for The Sunday Scoop.

Today is my last day of break and it went by way too fast, but I will be happy to see my wonderful 7th graders tomorrow.  My Sunday scoop this week focuses on non-school things.  Can you tell I've been off school for a bit.  The time off has been a perfect mix of fun and productive.  I also had some time to work on some organizing projects at home.

We've had a brief respite from all things sports related and this week things are back into full swing with three boys practicing lacrosse, one starting Driver's Ed, one having baseball practice, and another having basketball practice.  The mom and dad taxi service will be up and running like crazy again.  Between all the craziness I'm hoping to squeeze in some time at the gym.  I slacked off over break for sure.

I've decided it's time to recalibrate and so I'm starting #whole30 tomorrow.  I spent some time today finding recipes and buying groceries.  I'm nowhere near as set to begin as I would prefer, but the holiday break indulgences have caught up with me and I'm ready for a serious food detox.

If you start back to school tomorrow, good luck and have an awesome day.  If you are still on break we can no longer be friends due to my intense jealousy issues.

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