Monday, August 19, 2013

Made 4 Math Monday- Homemade Whiteboards

Well I have finally been able to get into my classroom and start setting it up.  I worked there Friday 10-4:30 and today 9:00-7:30.  I did go out to lunch both days and take a break to drop off my oldest at football practice.  I must say that I will not spend as much time as I did today because I was cranky and hungry by the time I got home tonight. I did accomplish quite a few things, but my room really looks like a disaster at the moment. Pictures will be coming soon.

I laminated some tagboard and then put duct tape around the edges for my homemade whiteboards.  The first picture shows what it looked like when I wrote on it.  The second picture shows what it looked like after I cleaned it. Putting the duct tape on was not easy and if you look closely you would see that I did not do a very good job.  I do not think I am cut out for using duct tape after this little experiment.  I am not sure how well these whiteboards will hold up.  I a cheap generic dry erase marker to test this out so I am not sure if an Expo marker would clean up better.

TA DA!  I will not let the duct tape control me.

After I cleaned it.
I will let you know how these hold up once students start using them.  


  1. Yours are VERY cute! In the past, I have just used something called shower board from a home improvement store. Our store even cut it for us!

  2. Yours are VERY cute! In the past, I have just used something called shower board from a home improvement store. Our store even cut it for us!

  3. Your homemade white boards are so cute! I have also used shower board in my class. I had the store cut uup 1ft x 1ft squares and they made perfect (and cheap) white boards for each of my students.

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  5. Nice preparations. Thanks for sharing. Your boards look great. I'm sure that you're a dedicating teacher and well-liked by your students. Good luck with your new school year. Keep us updated about how your year goes. Thanks again!

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  6. I recently came across your blog. I read a posting from about a year ago. You mentioned assigning your students a "Getting to Know You" paper. Would you mind sharing this document?

    1. Hi Christine
      I have not used that form for a couple of year and am not sure if I have a digital copy of it at all. If I do I promise I will share it, otherwise I could just snap a photo of the sheet, but need to find a copy of it.


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