Monday, November 26, 2012

#Made4Math A few random things

This will be a quick post to share a few things I made today.  I realized that I have had a to do list of things I have been wanting to make on the computer since school started.  As is always the case, once school starts the things I want to do/make get replaced by the day to day minutiae of keeping a classroom running:  the planning, teaching, grading, reteaching, retaking, lather, rinse, repeat.

Seating charts/class lists binder

Vocabulary for word wall and CCSS posters

Math Focus Wall Labels

I finally was able to print out some new labels for my math focus wall.  I will be posting photos of the new and improved focus wall soon.  I have changed up what it looks like from what I had at the beginning of the year as I have seen what works and what could be improved.

After school I finished up my CC standards posters for The Number System domain (we are currently working on).  I also finished writing up the vocabulary words and will laminate them and the posters tomorrow.


  1. I also have a create, print & laminate to do list that keeps growing, but rarely gets touched. This inspired me to try and get a few done this week. I teach 8th CCSS and wanted to do a word wall this year, but couldn't get it together (& couldn't find one already done online). :) It's on my list for next year though!!!

  2. May I ask where your binder cover design came from?

    1. I designed it using the digital kit "pi are squared" by Libby Pritchett

  3. May I ask where your binder cover design came from?


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