Friday, October 12, 2012

Filetastics-cute and functional!

Keeping important papers organized and easily accessible at a moment's notice can be quite a challenge.  I have specific places I keep important papers, so I can always find them when needed.  One thing I found this summer that I am completely in love with are my Filetastics and file folders that match my classroom color scheme of pink, lime, blue, and zebra.  They are not only pretty, but functional.  Everything pictured was purchased at Mardel this summer.

Filetastics and file folders I purchased this summer from

Filetastic on the side of my file cabinet.

Side of teacher bookcase.  I keep all my Focus Wall items in these files.
  • Vocabulary Terms
  • Common Core Standards posters
  • Topic/Lesson/Objective Sentence Strips
  • Any other Focus Wall items

Other side of teacher bookcase.
  • Parent/Teacher Conference Notes/Schedule
  • Working lunch forms/tickets
  • Reflect & Fix Forms
  • Teacher copies of Lesson
  • Answer Keys
  • Assessment Data

This is where I pin important notes or reminders.
  • Meeting Dates
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Schedule Changes
  • Bell Schedule


  1. I'm going to see if I can get a crafty friend of mine to make a shorter version of this to hang down the side of my desk since it would take up a lot less room than the small file holder I'm using now. Are they made out of cloth or plastic?

    1. Jesse, if you go to the website she mentions, they make a shorter version. (ok, just realized by the date of this comment you've probably already figured something out!)

  2. The way you have your routine when handing things out and collecting them is essential in a middle school classroom. I learned early on that at this age, routines are critical, and if not followed, could lead to very poor behavior in the classroom.


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