Thursday, March 8, 2012

March School TO DO List

Month of March School TO DO List:

To Do: 
1)  Assemble CC teacher binders by domains  (√)
2)  Choose and complete at least ONE Pinterest inspired project (√)     
3)  Make Core Plus 4th Quarter class lists  (√)
4)  Plan Core Plus Activities-Enrichment/Intervention  (√)
5)  2011/2012 Budget-turn in receipts  (√)

To Lesson Plan:
1)  Geometry (7th grade PLC work)  (√)
2)  Statistics and Probability  (7th grade PLC work)  (√)
3)  Blend CC with our MathThematics Modules (√)

To Organize:
1)  Space and shelves behind teacher desk (#1 Priority!)  (in progress)
2)  Organize papers in crates  (√)
3)  Declutter five boxes    
4)  Paper Clutter 

To Create:
1)  Open a teacher online store and post at least one item (baby steps)
2)  Dum-dum sucker tree
3)  Daily Review warm-ups
4)  Fun Activities-minute to win it?

To Assess:
1)  Exit slips
2)  Pre-assessments for differentiation
3)  Standards based CC assessments

To Grow Professionally:
1)  Continue to read professional books (Guided Math)
2)  Take Co-teaching class  (√)
3)  Continue with liaison responsibilities  (√)

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